Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumn leaves

Here are a bunch of random pictures from lately. 
 Mostly from our hikes around town, fall colors, and of Ziva (of course!)

we found this trail about 20 minutes from our house

fall wreath i made

Ziva not happy about getting a bath

a big tapestry i put behind our bed!  it's like sleeping in the woods

some leaves found around our yard

don't worry she didn't stay like that for long! 

halloween....this is what me and Ziva dressed up as...I just threw on a red blanket and was like boom!  Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf!

i made her a little leaf bed

i drive past about 4 cemeteries just about everyday.  so the other day after i passed a couple i was thinking that it looked pretty in there with all the yellows, oranges, and reds.  I came up on another one and pulled in. I mostly just drove around, but i did get out and walk a little bit.   

Almost all the leaves on the trees at our house have fallen off.  We have a beautiful red maple tree right outside our front door.  In the mornings when i have the window and door open the sun would shine through and cast this red glow in the living room.  It's mostly lost all it's red leaves now.  It's been a really pretty fall this year.  Maybe it's because we don't live downtown and i can see more trees here.  I am ready to decorate for Christmas though.  I was at World Market the other day and bought a few decorations and i'm tempted to go ahead and put them up. I'll probably wait till after Thanksgiving....or maybe if we aren't doing anything for Thanksgiving then i'll bring a few decorations out then.  

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