Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a few pictures from Christmas

We couldn't find a piece that goes with our tripod so we couldn't take pictures of all us together :(

ha! Ziva! :)

She was staring at the fan the whole time

My favorite Christmas present! 

Christmas Eve

Went for a stroll around the park on Christmas Day

We had a pretty laid back Christmas.  A few presents, breakfast casserole as usual, and just enjoying the day with each other.  I can't wait till Rose is old enough to really enjoy everything that comes with the Christmas season!  Not just presents, but all the other things making/setting up decorations, parades, Christmas lights and songs, and school or church plays.  


Working on our tummy time.
After I took this picture I thought I'd try to pull the pacifier, but she spit up and face planted into it.  
She doesn't really like to be on her tummy for very long.  
She used to only really do it propped up on a boppy pillow, but the past couple weeks she's been flat and will last 5-10 minutes at a time!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Rose had her 4 month check up today.  
Weighing 10lbs 4oz.  
Had a couple shots and she's been sleeping them off.
Trying to work on unswaddling during the day to ease into unswaddling at night. 
Girl likes to be swaddled. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I decided i'm going to try and do this 52 PROJECT thing this year.  One picture a week for 52 weeks - one year.  It's mostly to document Rose's growth and personality through out the year.  A lot of times i'll whip out my phone and snap a bunch of pictures but maybe this will get me to use my big camera more and get a little creative.  Here is this weeks picture!

16 weeks old and recovering from the flu this week.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolutions

When I was in high school me and a few friends always did a New Year's Eve party.  We would go through old magazines and make a collage for the next year of our New Years resolutions and just random thoughts and clippings. Then we would write a short letter to ourselves and keep it in a box (we had a big box that would keep our mementos, pictures, tickets, anything really that we did together and pass it around...kinda like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, but with "the box").  We would work on that for hours...before and after midnight.  Once it was time to do the count down to midnight we would go outside hoop and holler, roll down the hill, tear up the old calendar, and bang on pots and pans.  Like I said we were in high school ;).  It was always a ton of fun though.  We haven't done anything since and so every year i get all nostalgic and a little bit sad thinking about how much fun we had.  Maybe one day we will be together again for NYE and can celebrate.

Like a lot of people, I sometimes will make a list or think of some New Year resolutions, but rarely ever keep them or even think of them much past a week.  Last week i was thinking about a few things I'd like to do in 2015.  Most of them aren't anything too crazy or hard to keep.  Everyday things and simple chores.  I thought maybe I'd share them with you and maybe you can help me keep them :).

1.  I would really like to find time to blog more.  Even if its just a quick post with a few words.  I think now with a baby it would be fun to look back and see what our life was like and what was going on.  (kinda off topic, but i need to pick up a baby book for Rose so i can put pictures, letters, and milestones in and not just rely on the computer to keep my memories)

2.  Like everyone else's new years resolution i want to work out more.  I sit on the couch a lot nursing Rose and so i need to get up and move more.  I started doing some squats while holding her around the house.  Since it's winter (and will be for months) there might not be very many chances to get out and walk around the neighborhood.  I'd like to pick up going to dance classes again, but with Jeremy working later some days I may not get to go as much.  Maybe if it's just a little something everyday.

3.  I'd like to declutter the house some.  Rearrange or something.  It feels a little crowded.  I'm getting kinda frustrated with our space, but i don't know how long we will be living in this house so i need to make do with what we've got.

4.  I would like to go through my closet and get rid of a bunch of clothes that i don't wear or don't fit.  I would rather get clothes that might be higher quality and have less in my closet, than keep buying cheaper clothes over and over.  This is something i will have to work on and build up.  I have this weird attachment to some clothes and hold on to them for some reason.

5.  Since having a baby i find that it's harder to get things done around the house.  A pretty simple and basic thing here, but lately I've been trying to go to clean the kitchen before going to bed.  Dishes put up in the dishwasher and counter wiped down.  It makes it nice to walk into in the mornings with a clean kitchen.  Growing up i had to make my bed everyday.  As i got older i almost had to have my bed made or else my room just felt really messy.  I've really been slacking on that for the past couple years really.  It doesn't take long to do and it just makes the room feel more put together.  Now if i could only pick up on doing laundry more and at least cooking a few times a week.  I know these are pretty everyday things, but just doing these few things i think would help me feel like i got something accomplished for the day and maybe help with the clutter feeling around the house.  (It's started to sound like my house is a pigsty.  It's not but it's also not super clean either)

6.  The next two are ones I'm going to have to work hard at and may or may not even happen.  For the past few years (as I'm sure you know and see on here) I've been making flower arrangements.  It was something that i just started to do and i liked working with pretty flowers and i would look up arrangements online all the time and do research on different florists.  After awhile I did an internship and a local florist trying to learn the trade. I mostly swept floors and processed flowers for weddings.  I learned a few tricks, but rarely ever got to make anything.  I would say i taught myself mostly how to do arrangements.  What i would really love is to someday have my own floral business.  It might be hard with a young baby, but if i could start small and just do things here and there this year that would be cool.  I would first need to get a floral license so i could buy wholesale. I think i need a business license to do that.  It might just be wishful thinking/dreaming, but you never know!

7.  Last but not least!  I really want to cut back on being on my IPhone all the time.  It's almost become an addiction and a habit to check Facebook and Instagram and other blogs or things on my phone.  It's not necessary.  I don't need to check Facebook every 10 minutes.  I don't re ally care that much of whats on on there.  It usually takes me an hour to feed Rose and a lot of times I'm on my phone most of the time.  That's like 6-7 hours a day just sitting being on my phone.  It's sad really.  I could be reading a book.  I'm not going to give anything up, because i still enjoy getting on and checking social media, but i just want to cut it back some.  Not feel like i need my phone.  I want to be more present and i don't want Rose to grow up seeing me on my phone all the time.  We didn't grow up playing on IPhones and Ipads and computers and i know today's society is different and electronics plays a big part in lots of things, but i want her to grow up being a kid like we did growing up. I love having a smart phone and being able to looking something up on the Internet anywhere.  I use my camera daily and i like posting pictures.  But I've noticed for a long while now that when i go out there are so many people constantly on their phones.  Even when their with other people.  I'm guilty of doing it myself though.  So i think this will be a hard thing to do.  I feel like it's an important one though and i really hope that i can cut back and not feel like i have to need my phone with me.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years. 
 I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring for my little family!  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


One of these days I'll get back into posting somewhat regularly.  I probably should be eating some breakfast...wait...make that lunch, but instead I'm on here ordering winter hats for Rose while she's sleeping.  There's been a few times where i emailed myself pictures from my phone to post on here, but then i realized there's just too many favorites and you probably have already seen them anyway (from some kind of social media).

We made a long trek home to Valdosta over Thanksgiving and it was so nice to be home.  Lots of friends and most of our family got to meet Rose for the first time!  The week went by too fast as usual.  I'm already wanting to go back.

Rose is stirring and it looks like it's eating time!  Here's just a few pictures from lately...

enjoying her quilt made by her Aunt Mary!


Not so sure about this sitting up thing

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rose's nursery

I know its been forever since I've posted anything, but usually when i have some down time I'm either taking a shower, eating, cleaning, or taking an afternoon walk (or nap). The other day when Rose was napping I snapped a few pictures.  Here's a little tour of her bedroom!

It's a pretty small room, but it's perfect for a baby. 

I made the mobile myself.  I kept wanting to add 1 or 2 more animals but I never got around to it.  I felt like it looked a little bare so i added the pom poms.

I also made the little woven tapestry.  Just like i did in elementary school with cardboard and yarn.
The framed print says "If i had a flower for every time i thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.  -Lord Alfred Tennyson".  

The sweet dreams sign I made a few years ago with pipe cleaners and yarn.  
(There's never anything in her crib, this is just how i had it before she was born)

Rock Salt lamp and reading corner.

We originally had a small rocking chair in the corner, but had some dead space and found this love seat for a really good price.  Our first night home I ended up staying on it because I was too scared to leave her alone in the crib.  Needless to say i didn't get any sleep with getting up with every little sound and to check to make sure she was breathing.  

When my parents came to visit earlier in the summer we decided to take down one of the sliding doors and move the dresser in the closet to give more space.  We went out and picked up some fabric and lined the back of the wall.  

The other side of the closet hangs some of her clothes.  It also hides a bunch of clutter below ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

One month old

Four weeks ago today we had our baby girl!  
Rose Evangeline came 2 weeks early on September 13th at 7:08 pm, 
weighing 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.  

I have some more pictures to share, but i'll have to post at another time. 
We are just loving and enjoying our little Rose and are so thankful for a healthy beautiful baby! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

37 week update

37 weeks. Full term. Almost there!

I think we are pretty much ready for this baby to be here!  We both feel like the past couple weeks have been dragging, and the next couple will probably feel the same.  Honestly, I like being pregnant for the most part and i think i will miss it.  I think I've had a fairly easy pregnancy though, compared to some people. Physically anyway...mentally is a different story (and maybe besides the gestational diabetes ;)).  Of course, I'm ready for her to be here!  

The hospital bag is packed and next week we are scheduling the induction for 39ish weeks.  I've had some people ask why I'm being induced early.  My doctor is doing it because of the GD and even though it doesn't seem I'm going to have a big baby, there's still a risk and complications can occur and I don't really want to get to that point.  I've also had some people ask how I'm going to deliver...epidural or natural.  I've decided to go in with an open mind and just see how things go.  If i need a C-section then so be it.  If i can't handle the pain, then I'm not afraid to ask for an epidural.  My main thing is i want her delivered safely and that's all that matters....i feel like at this point it's not about me, but about the baby and whatever needs to be done. That's all just my opinion and other people may disagree with that and that's fine.  I don't think the way you deliver makes you a good mom or a better woman than others that have to or choose a different way of delivering.  Again...just my opinion.  Whichever way she comes into this world, we can't wait!   I also can't wait till my first baby girl, Ziva, meets the new baby!  I told Jeremy that I've had two dreams (one at the beginning of the pregnancy and one last night) of delivering a baby and then it turns out being a dog....he said that's because Ziva is like my baby.  It's true.  

I made Jeremy go outside 3 different times to take these pictures of me.  Either the lighting was bad, picture was blurry, or i just looked dumb.  Or my legs looked red and blotchy?  Not professionals here, but I'm glad we have them to look back on!   They are mostly for my family since they don't get to see me, but thanks for taking a peek anyway.  Could be the last of the bump pictures! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Could be my last flower post for awhile...

This may be my last flower arrangement i do for a little while.   I may be able to squeeze one more in before the baby comes (in about 3 or 4 weeks!).  I remember last fall I did a few arrangements with lots of foliage from around my yard and some of those were my favorites (i say that all the time...i may even say that about this one), so I'm excited to try and do it again this year.   I kinda felt like this arrangement had a hint of fall in it...maybe it was the colors, but it definitely made me excited for fall.

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