Thursday, December 3, 2015


Earlier today i got the itch to do some flowers.  I thought maybe i would drive over to my mom and dads and pick a few things, but then as i was ready to walk out the door I realized that i had left my purse in the car last night when we went to the grocery store, which had my keys locked inside.  Also locked in was the stroller and carrier.  Since I was stuck I went ahead and put Rose down for her nap and looked to my yard for some things.  I found the white camellias tucked away on the side of the house, a few branches/bushes still had some fall foliage on it, and a few snips of foxtail fern.  I could see across the street that our neighbors yard, which no one lives there, had some beautiful hot pink/red camellias so I clipped some of those :).  The other day when I was out for a walk i had seen a few things (mostly someones kumquat bush hanging over in an alley), but since i didn't have any way to take Rose with me (all locked in the car) I couldn't go.  I thought about just holding her, but i knew my arms would regret that.  Then i remembered we had a small umbrella stroller!  So I loaded her up and we were on our way (with a mission).  I found a few berries and the kumquats.  Although the people with the kumquat bush were out in the shed so i felt very sneaky...i also quickly snagged the pink camellia too in their yard (all behind the shed that the guy was in)!  This lady was calling out some name at me, thinking i was someone else, but I wasn't and we talked for a minute.  She told me to watch out, she saw that monkey that was on the loose in town in her backyard! 

It had been overcast all day, which made the house dark and hard to take some pictures, but when the sun came out during that golden hour when it shines right in all our windows and the rooms have a nice glow, I was able to get some decent pictures.

a few pictures around the house

It was Thanksgiving morning when I took these pictures so the house is kind of a mess.  Well that really only explains the mess in the kitchen, everywhere else is just....everyday "I live here" mess I guess you could there was no tidying up before the pictures.  In the past month we got a lot of furniture to fill up the house.  A family friend was cleaning out her in laws house and kindly let us take home a bunch of furniture, I think that really helped fill the space!  Here are some snapshots of our new home in South Georgia...   the picture quality isn't that great, sorry.

This is the formal living room.  When we first moved in we hardly had any furniture to go in here, just a couple chairs and the bookcases.
The wall to the left is all windows all the way down.

One of my favorite corners in the house.  I love my little terrarium aquarium!

The green chair was Jeremy's grandfathers, it was in the back of their jewelry store and that's where he use to always sit. The orange lamp and the brass lamp (to the left -there are 2 on both sides of the couch) we got at an antique store.  Pouf from World Market.  The chest was Jeremy's parents. 

I have yet to figure out how i want to do this this is just kinda random stuff up there.  
We had brought in a couple plants from outside too.

Living room, Entry hall, Dining room
(that's a hall closet with the curtains.  None of the closets had doors so I either put up a shower curtain or window curtains to cover it up)

from the front door

The dining room was practically empty until the other week when we got a bunch of stuff from our friends.  

Four new (to us) chairs, cabinet in the corner, and the dresser.  
Jeremy also keeps his keyboard to the right, which is another wall of windows.

walking into the kitchen. 

We got this table from an antique store for a really good deal.
We had been searching for one and all the one we were seeing were either really nice and expensive, or not nice and expensive.

Little cheese ball over there...
I bought curtains to cover the shelves, but I didn't like the way it looked.  It kinda made the space look smaller. 

where Rose gets her baths since the tub is chipping

Rose's room was quite a mess! 

we usually have a cover on the pad but it was being washed ;)

Here is where we spend most of our time...the den.

back door to carport and laundry.
Ziva's bed....but Rose also sometimes plays in it (poor Ziva)

some random plastic eggs over there and a whoopee cushion.

Jeremy playing in the fire pit, 
Ziva out there too.

We had a fire in there the other week when our heater wasn't working and it still smells like burned wood in there 

Lots of windows in this house!!
(and toys)

Ziva howling at the smoke ;)

So that's our home! 
Well except our room, which still has boxes and clothes everywhere and also a guest bedroom/office. Maybe when those rooms are a bit more put together i'll do another updated post.
For the most part though i'm really pleased with how things are shaping up and I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas!  
Hoping to get our tree this weekend!

Fall 2015 pictures by Lindsey

 Lindsey dyed my hair red the other month.  We tried to do some before and after pictures that day since she also did my makeup, but the lighting was really bad since it was already dark outside.  We decided to get together the next day and get dolled up and take some better pictures.  I love these pictures so much!  So nice to have these of me and Rose.  Here are a few of my favorites from that day...

Rose is just now starting to wear shoes.  I think her feet finally fit in the shoes we have and she doesn't seem to take them off immediately.  This day though the shoes were not staying on easily.
It was probably the first time she had really ever worn shoes.

I love the next two pictures!

little lost shoe

I think she was over picture taking by now

And the next two pictures are just me trying to model...try-hard serious -not serious face, awkward hands, don't know where to look...really, it was just a cute front yard so i jumped it!

Thanks Lindsey!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello! Hi! We're still here!

I know it's been like 3 months since I've been on here.  I haven't even checked it.  I've thought about it a little here and there, but sometimes I didn't know what to do with it anymore.  The whole reason I started this blog was to keep in touch with my family in Georgia, let them see what we were up to in St. Louis.  Now that we are back in Georgia with our families, I wasn't sure about this little place. I was just flipping through some older posts from earlier in the year and i'm glad that I posted what I did, it was fun to see Rose when she was younger and some of the happenings.

A lot has happened since my last little post.  We spent most of August packing up and on Jeremy's birthday, August 31st, we hit the road after the movers packed up our stuff.  Of course not without getting pinkeye first (for the second time this summer) and having to go to the eye doctor.  I had to wear my 10 year old glasses that didn't fit and hurt my head, with itchy, watery red eyes to drive from St. Louis to South Georgia.  It wasn't terrible though, once the eye drops started working.  After saying goodbye to our neighbor we hit the road.  It was sprinkling and almost rush hour.  Since we were driving separately (Jeremy and Ziva in the truck, me and Rose in the car) we followed each other.  Well i did the following.  I thought i would be really sad and cry a little when we were heading out of town, but the rain and traffic had picked up and I could hardly see, so i was pretty focused on the road.  Later on I was sad that i didn't get a proper goodbye to St. Louis (I did remember to look at the arch and kinda wave on our way out, but only barely).   We had walkie talkies.  Oh yes, we sure did.  At one point that evening we saw the biggest darkest red moon either one of us had ever seen.  It was massive, right in front of us and blood red (and not this orange-y "blood red"...I mean it was dark!).  Really cool and kinda creepy.   We stopped just outside of Nashville that evening.  The next day we made it to Valdosta.  Our new home.

We had never been inside the house before.  Our moms walked through it for us and we did some Face Time and they took some pictures, but it was hard to tell the lay out and size of it in just pictures. Our moms said it was really nice and that was good enough.  Plus we know the landlord. The first few days we didn't have our stuff or hot water.  Just some clothes, pack n play, air mattress and few other necessities.  I kept trying to picture our stuff in the house and where i wanted things and since this house is bigger, what stuff we will need to get.  It's an older house.  The floors creek, the lights sometimes flicker when the air comes on, it takes forever to get hot water in the kitchen, The shower drain gets clogged every couple weeks (even after I started yo put my hair up on the wall - yuck) and we get these little clear house geckos, but we really like the house!  It also has a lot of cool features too like lots of windows and natural light, hard wood floors, big fenced in yard, storage shed, living room, dining room and a den, and big closets.  I like older homes with quirks and character.  It's what we both grew up in (although Jeremy would probably put quotations around quirks...because sometimes the quirks aren't always good).  It's kinda funny, we're just a few blocks from my parents, two houses down from my brother and a 3 minute (or less) drive from Jeremy's parents.  Well, we wanted to be closer!

Another funny thing is is that Jeremy's sister, Lindsey, who is also one of my best friends moved down from north Georgia and is only 30 minutes away.  Her daughter is only 7 weeks older than Rose and we have had several play dates (for us moms and babies!).  We may or may not have planned all of that (babies close in age and moving).  My brother and his wife that lives 2 houses down also had a baby girl right after we moved and so Rose has some cousins near by to play with!

I have to say though, as much as i wanted to be closer and am definitely happy to be back, I'd be lying if I said i didn't miss St. Louis.  Right before we moved i wasn't too sad about leaving.  I think it was because i was so busy with packing.  I told Jeremy that give it a couple weeks after we move and i realize we wont be going back.  And that's was happened.  We were driving in the car one night going out to eat and Jeremy said that he was misses St. Louis.  I said me too.  A few times we've referred to St. Louis as "back home".  It definitely holds a special place in our hearts.  I do hope that we can someday visit, maybe when Rose is a little older and can do all the fun things and show her where she was born and lived for the first year of her life.  It really is a great city and has so many cool things to do and see.  If you ever have the chance to go or are thinking of going or driving through, don't pass it up!

Anyway, we're pretty much settled in the house and back in town.  We still need a few furniture pieces to get.  We got a dining table last weekend and will hopefully pick it up soon since we didn't have the truck with us when we bought it.  Still need another couch and dresser and a few little things.  Maybe some more decorating.  We've got 2 fireplaces and  mantles that I've just been at a loss with one of them with how to decorate it.  I guess Christmas will be here soon and I can liven it up some with Christmas decorations!  I may wait to post some pictures after we at least get the new (old) table in and situated.  Also Lindsey dyed my hair red (first time doing hair color for me!) and took some great pictures of me and Rose yesterday.  I will probably post some of those soon too, a long with some other fun pictures from lately.  I may also have some exciting things happening with my flower arranging next year!  More on that later too.  I'd still like to keep this little blog up and going occasionally.  My friend Nikki asks every now and then if or when i'm going to post something so I guess I need to keep it up better.  Like i said's also been fun looking back at it too!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Jeremy sometimes laughs at me when we go for a walk and i see a tree or bush with any sort of berry on it.  I get all excited and say how i'm going to come back and snip some.  

Everything in this arrangement was foraged except the 3 carnations! 

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