Monday, April 30, 2012

giant tissue paper flower

Awhile back i saw on Design Sponge (click here) a DIY project on how to make giant paper flowers.  shortly after i went out to hobby lobby and bought some tissue paper and started making a practice one.  It turned out pretty bad and just kinda threw it aside because cutting out all the pedals are not easy with the thin paper.  It was frustrating.  Finally Friday i pulled out the rest and just started cutting away.  It took for ever, but it turned out great (i think so)  I would hate to have to make a ton of these though.  I bought green tissue paper to make a leaf and a stem (i wasn't going to bother with concrete), but then i realized i already had a stem with leaves on it and i would just attach the flower.  Much easier. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

a few family pictures

From my last night in Valdosta. 

My brother, Ian and Lucy.

Mary Josh me and Ian

My dad

Josh playing some tunes for us

Josh and Mary's cat, Penny, who they left with my parent while they are in Ukraine

Saturday, April 28, 2012

grilling out hamburgers and sweet potato fries

When i was in St. Simons my sister in law, Mary, made some really good hamburgers and i over heard her telling my mom what she did to them.  My mom also told me how to make sweet potato fries.  As i've mentioned before, i am no chef and am really not a kitchen person, but these seemed easy enough and both turned out really yummy!  I made the patties while Jeremy cut up the sweet potatoes, and while the fries were cooking he grilled the hamburgers.  Jeremy seemed impressed with my cooking, so thanks Mary and Mom!

(i bought some plants and things to hang planters over the balcony earlier that day too)

Ziva longing for days of playing in the field.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

walk in forest park

Jeremy wanted to do a bike lap around the park and since i probably couldn't keep up, me and Ziva went walking. It was a beautiful day out! Finally some nice weather. On the drive home we could smell Pappy's ribs a mile away and just couldn't pass it up so we quickly pulled over and got some grub.

I kept trying to get her in the water, but she wasn't having it.  Just her tippy toes. 

I was walking down this trail and saw this man sitting in the middle
and some clothes in a tree and got a little creeped out so i turned around.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Driftwood Beach

We drove over to Jekyll Island and walked a little on driftwood beach.  I had been there a few times with Jeremy (who says he was the first to discover it...joking i think) before and my parents have been a couple of times recently, but the rest of the group had never been.  It was high tide so we didn't get to walk as far as we could have...

Mary and her nephew, Anderson.

Mary's dad and Anderson.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love/Hate kind of day. Plus a Ditty

I'll start with the hate...

*Jeremy working on a Saturday

*Getting up at 7AM to take the dog outside.  After waiting an hour for her to go back to sleep she finally settles down, but im not tired anymore.  I start to get sleepy when a freaking marching band has practice outside my window (yes a real marching band. we live next to a high school).

*Blow drying my hair and hitting myself upside the head the the blow dryer.  I'm not sure why i was so viscous...i don't have that much hair.  

*Sneezing after putting on mascara.  hello raccoon eyes. 

*Got ready to go to the Earth Day Festival and do a quick look online to make sure it's today, only to find out it's's tomorrow. 


*The song i've been humming for weeks is playing on the radio when i get in the car.  

*Then finding out the album of the song i've been humming for weeks (Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son)  is still at the antique store which i saw there 3 weeks ago and regrettably didn't pick up. 

*Hitting the old glass bottle jackpot. 

*Jeremy bringing home a Chic Fil A sandwich for me. 

*Finding out James Taylor will be in St. Louis in July!

so you can hum it for weeks too ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's not quite friday over here yet.  Jeremy has to work tomorrow and thinks he will be gone most of the day.  It's been a very busy week for him.  Just about everyday this week he has worked late except yesterday (and hopefully today).  It's just been me and Z around these parts mostly.  I did, however, have my ballet class twice this week (and next) to make up for the classes i missed.  Ziva has been blowing her coat and is shedding like a mad dog.  I can't seem to clean it up fast enough.  I just finished vacuuming and yet i still see hair everywhere.   It has been a cool dreary day.  I'm ready for warmer weather to come and stay.  Enough of this 70's one day and barely 50's the next.  According to the weather channel it "feels like"  44 right now.  That's a tad bit too chilly for mid-late April in my book.  Although, i was telling Jeremy that we should go back out to Elephant Rocks or another state park with Ziva before it gets too hot for her.  Here is a short clip of Z playing from the other day. She's just too funny running and leaping around.

She is a lioness, ready to pounce at any given moment. 

p.s. she also ate another one of my socks.  pretty soon i wont have any left!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

a few instagram pictures from GA

1. Lindsey cut my hair!  2. Georgia Grown

3. Favorite street to bike down growing up  4.took my moms bike downtown to see my brother for lunch.

5. You can't see my score here...but i was killing it in dominoes  6.shells 

7.back from the beach  8.burnt legs

9.brothers.  10. carport lights and cook outs. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

shadow dancers

...just dancing away...

...and this little guy has been chuckling, enjoying his pipe. 

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