Saturday, June 30, 2012

snake pictures get their own post

....because there are too many and they are funny!....
While we were leaving Wat Po this guy came and put a snake on Charlie.  Then he put it on Jeremy.  I was going to just take a picture of me standing next to Jeremy holding the snake, but the man came and put some of the snake on me.  I was ok with it until i noticed the snakes head coming for my neck.  Then as you can see below i was not ok with it...

Starting to feel awkward because there is a group of people i don't know taking pictures of me...


uhhh what?!

the end.

P.S. we thought it was a little pricey in the end for taking pictures with the snake...but these pictures might prove that it was worth it. 

first day in Bangkok!

We're back from Thailand! Got in Thursday afternoon and passed out for a few hours.  Neither one of us got much sleep on the plane so we were probably up for 42 hours.  We had a wonderful time and saw and did a ton!  I have lots of pictures to share with you, but i will probably break it down and try my hardest not to post too many.

The first night we got in to Bangkok around midnight and got settled in our hotel and met up with some of the family.  Me and Jeremy were starving so a few of us walked down the street to Food Land (small grocery store/restaurant) and had some dinner.  The next morning everyone met up and we took a van to see some sights.  We saw the Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace, Wat Po, and went to Khoa San for some shopping and street food.  Later that night we all got massages.  It was my first massage ever and i did not like it at all.  Either the lady i had was really hard or i am just a wimp.  The most relaxing part was when she left the room for a minute.  Later on in the trip i got another one and it was a lot better.

Had a nice lunch by the river...some houses next to it.

Stay tuned for more pics!

Friday, June 15, 2012

be back soon

Tomorrow we are off visiting Jeremy's sister in Thailand.  
Be back in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chinese Lantern Festival

This past Saturday we went to the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens.  The garden itself looked really pretty, but the lanterns were really awesome.  Most of them were made of wire and silk, but there were a few made with plastic bottles, porcelain plates, and little glass medicine bottles.  I didn't bring my big camera and was so upset that i didn't.  These pictures are taken with my phone so the lanterns probably don't look as cool.  After we left the gardens we went out for some frozen custard and as soon as we sat down to eat fireworks near by started going off.  Not sure what they were for, but Jeremy said they were for my birthday (which was the next day).

This is the one made with plastic bottles...

she did all kinds of tricks with this table

 This one is made with glass medicine bottles...

there were dragons on both sides of the flower that were made with porcelain plates and cups.
they also moved their heads and blew smoke.

Giant Fern! 

birthday treats and fireworks!

On my birthday we went out to Wendys for lunch (my choice...who needs fancy dinners :).  Jeremy got me a record player and i went out to some antique stores.  I ended up finding a record i really wanted...Neil Young, Harvest.  Later that evening we saw a movie. Pretty great weekend!
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