Monday, March 25, 2013

when will it be spring?!

Here we are almost April and we have one of the biggest snow falls (in one day) in years (since like 1912).  It was definitely mine and Jeremy's biggest.  While it is very beautiful to look at and fun to watch and play with Ziva, I for one am ready for Spring.  Ready for warmer weather.  We usually make a trip to the Botanical Gardens in the spring and when we lived downtown we would walk to the Arch pretty often.  Since we aren't in walking distance to the Arch I'm sure we won't be going there for awhile, but we are in walking distance to a trail.  We tried to look for it right after we moved here but it was kinda muddy and we weren't sure where it was.  There are some woods down the street from us and it feels like your walking in peoples yards to get there so we were a little worried we'd get in trouble.  The other week we had one nice day in the 60s and we decided to find the trail.  We can see it driving by on the highway so we knew we were close to it.  (it's also a short drive away from our house too but we wanted to walk.  If we ever wanted to bike it it would be best to drive) I'm sure once the weather warms up we'll be going on the trail more.  I'm also ready to start working in the yard.  I took some pictures of around the yard and sent them to my mom to see if she had any ideas or tips.  I've been picking up seed packets here and there for the past couple months. Jeremy bought a lawn mower this weekend too.  Bring it on yard work!  I'm hoping since we're having such a bad/long winter that the summer won't be too bad like last years. 

I know its been pretty quiet on the blog front, but not a whole lot has been going on.  A little of this, and a little of that.  The house is not completely complete, but complete enough. We still need a couch in the upstairs living room!  Hopefully things will pick up in the next couple months.  Thanks for checking in (mom and dad :).  I'm sure regular pictures of Ziva and my plants will be back soon. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

ditty of the day

I heard this song yesterday on the Anthropologie website. The video was based in Thailand and it brought back some memories from last summer and later i looked through all my pictures from our trip. Wish we could go back this summer! 
If  you wanna look back at them too just
 click here  here  here  here  here  here  and here
(that's a lot of links and pictures!)

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