Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yesterday i went out looking for some flowers and came home with a few things that i wasn't too pleased with.  I told my mom that IF it turned out good then i would post some pictures...but i just wasn't too sure about it at the time.  I've been wanting to do a tablescape set up for awhile, but didn't (and still don't) have everything to do what i wanted.  There's no flatware, glassware, or dishes out here.  I didn't think silver forks would look too good with everything else being gold.  But this is all for play and practice and pretend.  When Jeremy came home from work i had it all set up on our kitchen table and he was like "whoa where's Thanksgiving dinner?!"

I only ended up using about half the flowers i bought...the rest i found in my front yard and i snagged a couple branches from a tree in a parking lot.    

Always has to be a Ziva picture!

I tried to keep the candles lit, but the wind was blowing so they didn't last too long.  

I love the color of these leaves! 
 I think they are what really makes this arrangement look so pretty.

Maybe I'll try and do another one with silver and go all out with silverware and glasses and all that.  
Maybe a Christmas one!

p.s. I think this is my new favorite...i know... i said that last time ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

5 months later...

I'd say they're looking pretty good! ;)

Friday, October 11, 2013

this might be my new favorite

Yep, i believe this is my new favorite arrangement.  I know i've said that before, buuuuut come on, look at this beaut!  I'm looking forward to doing some more fall floral arrangements.  I made a bouquet last week with just a few foliage clippings.  I'll have to post some pictures later.  

When i saw those roses i just couldn't pass them up.  It's hard to tell the color in the pictures, but they aren't quite pink...kinda like an antique pink/tan color? I don't know.  

 I don't think the protea there in the front probably really goes with this fall looking arrangement...looks a little tropical.  I thought about taking it out or putting it more in the back, but oh well. I still like it.  The apples were an after thought...i had snagged them off the ground of a neighbors tree last week and used them in a bouquet.  The little red berries i discovered in my back yard the other week too. 

Ziva was trying to get my attention to play with her...she dropped her ball right down in front of me. 
That little photobomber.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!  I have the weekend off of dance rehearsals, but Jeremy has to work Saturday.  Maybe we'll go for another hike at some point.  I know Ziva would love that! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ziva turns 3

So if you follow me on instagram or facebook then you've probably already seen these...but here are a few latest pics of Ziva.  She turns 3 years old today!  Does that make 21 in dog years? 
 She's almost as old as i am!  We sure do love her, even though she can be a handful at times!  
She's our little baby...our blue eyed baby! 

an 8 mile hike

Last weekend we decided to take a last minute hike.  It was a little cool in the morning, but was pretty much perfect the rest of the day! Jeremy has been talking about how much fun he had and that he wants to go back, or to a different trail, ever since.  


The trees haven't really changed colors yet, but when the wind would blow leaves would fall and there were plenty on the ground to hear the crunch beneath our feet.

We got lots of comments on Ziva's little backpack!  Every time someone would stop to pet her she tried to shake that pack off.  After awhile we didn't see anyone so we decided to just let her walk off leash.  She actually did a lot better and i know she loved it!  

i'm sure in a few weeks all these trees will be a mixture of oranges, reds, and yellows!

"hurry up guys!"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

bits and pieces//a mini tour

We've lived in this house for about 8 months now and i still don't have it fully decorated like i would like to have it.  There's nothing on the walls and we still could probably use a few pieces of furniture (small things).  I''m not sure why it's been so hard for me to put stuff up on the walls, but i guess i want to make sure it's something i really like and want before i start making holes.  Anyway here's a few pictures around the house...mostly in the living room, a glance into the kitchen, and a couple other snaps here and there.

upstairs living room
when we moved in we put all our living room furniture downstairs in the basement and didn't have a single thing for this room.  For the first few months it just had 1 chair and the bookcases up.  We hardly ever sat in here because....well someone would have to sit on the floor.  We gradually got another chair and a couch and the space filled up! 

i got both chairs and the lamp at an antique mall.
the chair on the left i got first and it came with some cushions, but they had an awful cigarette smell that i couldn't get out and i was afraid if i washed them they would fall apart.  So we found a bottom cushion and the pillows came with the couch.  The chair on the right it my favorite.  We found that when my parents came in May.

i got so excited when i found this Yellowstone Park pennant flag the other week!  I saw them at Yellowstone when we were eating lunch at Old Faithful and i remember thinking that i kinda wanted one.  Well i didn't get it and just the other month i was saying how i wish i had.  I probably had the goofiest smile on my face when i found it! 

here's a view from the front door...there's a little cut out in the wall that leads into the kitchen.  I had originally planned on hanging some stained glass windows or the windows i already had there, but our drill was broken and we never got around to hanging it.  Sometimes i put my flower arrangements there or in the winter i'll bring in some plants and may put some up there too.  

our bedroom. 
It's pretty sad looking actually.  Not much in it and just a bunch of wall. Our bed just sits on the floor and i really want to get a bed frame.  I also really want to put something behind the bed.  I came across something last week that i thought would be really cool...i just need to order it online. 

i painted the kitchen blue shortly after we moved in and i really like it! 
i made the curtains and put up my small colored glass vases in the's really pretty in the mornings

aaaaaand this is my craft room...i haven't really done much crafting this year, but i'm sure i'll pick it back up.  
it's really just a giant mess in there. 

this shelf looks a little hoarder-ish 

So there's a mini tour of around the house. 
 Maybe someday when i actually have stuff up on the walls i can show you a bit more. 

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