Friday, September 30, 2011

I came across this video here and thought I'd share it with you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pillowcase skirt 2

Here is the other pillowcase skirt.

I used this blue poka dot fabric to kinda break up the print and do like a stripe down the front

Cut the places where i wanted the blue stripes.

I may shorten it some.  I had to do a LOT of cutting and sewing and resewing.
 I almost didn't think i would be able to finish.

There is a slit and a zipper in the back.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Saw this on Pinterest tonight and thought it was cute...and may fit me and Jeremy ;)

The Fox and Festival

On Saturday we were planning on going to this Museum but when we got there we saw that they were only going to be open for another hour and they were having a special showing of sports photography.  We decided to pass.  But on our drive down there we saw that they were having this Dancing in the Street Festival.  A bunch of different people dancing (mainly kids and some universities)  Several different stages that you could walk around the block and watch different kinds of dancing.  They had tap, break dancing, modern, pointe, and some cultural dancing.  They also had this really cool group from Kansas City called Quixotic Fusion.  They were kinda like Cirque de Soleil.  It was all really cool and we got a free show!  After awhile we noticed a lot of people going into the Fox Theater and decided to see what was going on.  They were letting people in to tour the place.  Plus free popcorn and a drink!  We got to go backstage to the dressing rooms and stuff and for years the people who would play there or put on shows would sign their name on the walls.  Some groups painted morals.  The whole place was covered in signatures.  Some famous (Paul Simon is going to be there in November, but we are going to be out of town).  Of course there were too many names and people back there to see them all but i snapped a few pictures with my phone. 

There were several floors and hallways of signatures.  It was really neat being back there and seeing how they kept a lot
 of things how they were back in the 20s and through out the years.  I can imagine all the hustle and bustle backstage too
since i danced for 17 years.
This is the original curtain from the 1920's

We went all the way up to the top to see what it would be like if we saw a show there...the cheaper seats.  While we were walking around we went down this dark hallway and mentioned how we thought the Phantom was going to get us.  It was a little eerie.
 P.S.  Ziva was jealous that we went without her because it was by her dog park.  She thought we went there without her.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Game night

Jeremy won...this time ;)

I finally got the instagram app on my phone. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

For the Love of Old book

I love rusty
faded things.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ziva's guest post

Ziva wanted me to tell you that she got a pretty bandana this past weekend when she got a bath.  She wanted to show her grandparents how cute she is and how big she has gotten since they last saw her.

"Mom take a picture of me being silly!"...and hogging the couch!

"Don't I look cute in my bandana?  Everyone in our building says I am and the other dogs are jealous."

"Dont' hate me cuz you ain't me"

"Toooo many picturrrrrezzzz!!!"

Ziva told me she wishes she had her own blog to talk about her outings and such...maybe i will let her make an appearance on here every now and then. 

Butterfly Dome | Terrarium

The other week i saw in the Design*Sponge (click link to see picture) book a butterfly dome being featured in the DIY section.  I thought it looked really pretty but when i saw the price of how much it cost to make it i was in no way spending $200.  Then i took a closer look and realized that they were real butterflies ordered online and that's probably why so pricey.  So when i went to Hobby Lobby i wasn't thinking about the butterflies, but when i came across this little dome (they had a bigger one but i wanted to keep it cheap and small) i remembered and immediately grabbed it and when by the floral section to pick up some butterflies.  Now i know it's not as grand and beautiful as the other one but i think its still pretty and i like it.  I'm thinking it needs some more butterflies added to it though.

All you need is a dome and base, butterflies in your choice of color(s), a foam circle, a black piece of felt, and i used floral stem wire and took the green tape off.  Oh and also a hot glue gun and maybe some wire cutters.

My dome is only about 8 inches tall.

First, i needed to cut the Styrofoam to fit the dome. Then i hot glued the felt at the bottom of the foam. 
Afterwards i cut the wire at different lengths and hot glued the butterflies to the end.

Since felt is easy to poke the wire through i could arrange it easily with without having to glue anything in.
 Good for later if i want to rearrange and add more.

Added it to the rest of my glass centerpiece at the table.

Glass dome = $9.99 with 50% off = $5.00
Base for dome = $3.49
Styrofoam (comes with 2) = $1.99
Butterflies (package of 6) = $1.99
The felt and wires i already had
Total = about $12.47

Design Sponge dome = $200

Sunday, September 18, 2011

year 1

Today is our first wedding Anniversary!  I can't believe it's already been a year!  It's gone by super fast. I look forward to many more! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meramec Caverns

Today we went to Meramec Caverns. 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Yarn Letters

I've been seeing around on Pinterest lately some yarn letters and I thought i would give it a try.

Just wrap the letters with the yarn a couple of times and hot glue the ends. 

I couldn't seem to capture how pretty the blue letter is. The wrapping said it is Deep Teal
and the yellow is more of a mustardy color.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pillowcase turned skirt

The other day i bought some pillowcases from a thrift store that i thought i could turn into skirts.  I've been working on one since monday but this morning i broke the zipper and was not happy.  It's been raining all day and i didn't want to go out to get a new zipper, so i decided i would do a more simplier one on a different pillowcase. 

You can see the other skirt in the background...theres a little more to it.
Made little holes for ribbon to go through
Made a waistband

Put a pin on the end of the ribbon so it will be easier to work it through the waist

I decided that i liked all the bunching in the back.  I look i have no butt,
 but i was leaning back some to take a picture so i look a little funny.

Total cost of the skirt = $1.00

Ziva in her raincoat!

Don't forget!  Survivor and America's Next Top Model starts tonight. YAY!
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