Monday, February 23, 2015


We'll be making our way to Georgia tomorrow!
A few days opened for vacation at Jeremy's work so he hopped on it.  
Otherwise it would be a few months since everything is booked.  
We just found out this morning so i've been trying to do some packing and getting Ziva squared away at the kennel.  It'll be a quick trip, but will be nice to see everyone again!

I believe this was my bonnet when i was little, my mom gave it to me.  

I've been wanting to blog more about other stuff rather than just baby.  
I'm hoping in the next month or so we will get out and do more and maybe i'll have more to talk about, but for now there's a lot of staying home and doing the same ol' things.  Sometimes i want to write about my new life as a mom and breastfeeding and stuff.  But then sometimes i'm not sure i want to share all that. We'll see!

Hope you enjoy your week!   

Friday, February 20, 2015

garden party

March is just around the corner, but it seems winter will be here for awhile.  I've been dreaming up ideas and browsing Pinterest lately for patio makeovers and outdoor spaces.  Last summer i didn't get to work in the yard as much as i would've liked too since i was pregnant.  I did a little bit, but after awhile it was hard to bend over.  Jeremy got out there and tried to clear out the back "woods", but got some bad poison ivy (I got it the summer before) and wasn't in any hurry to get back out there. So now we have piles of broken up sticks that need to be cleared out, dead potted plants, and holes in the ground that Ziva has dug up.

I put up a string of Christmas lights our first spring here but after I put them up and plugged them in half the lights were out (I tested them before I put them up but I guess I didn't notice that some were out).  I kept them up though. They've only been turned on a handful of times. I wish we took more advantage of the patio in the evenings.  We'd like to get a fire pit or chimenea. Jeremy bought me some nice big bulb outdoor lights for Christmas. Maybe if the space was a little nicer, more comfortable (and gave Jeremy something to do to...he likes playing with fire) we'd spend more time out there.

I've always loved the eclectic garden party look.  Lots of lights and lanterns and mix and match chairs and tables. My moms garden is like that. Did you ever see Because of Winn Dixie? The old ladies garden with the bottles in the tree and the lights. Me and mom my loved that and always reference that when talking about garden parties. I had a garden party for 16th birthday with a few friends. Jeremy's parents fixed up their yard and decorated it beautifully for our rehearsal dinner. Even our wedding reception was garden party themed.  Have you ever seen the tv show Parenthood? It's really good and I cried in almost every episode. I'm so sad its over! The parents backyard though always looked so much fun.  I'd love to do something like that.

I try not to do too much in our current house since we're renting, but I can't wait to fix it up some.  I really can't wait till we have our own place someday that I can really make my own.  Since it's cold and snowy outside here are few pictures i found on Pinterest that i love!...

Hope you're staying warm!  
Have a great weekend!


Rose's first time in the snow!
We've had snow on the ground everyday this week. 
It's only a few inches, if that, but it's enough to keep you inside.  
It's just too cold to go anywhere.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rose and Ziva

These two...Ziva is always trying to lick Roses toes (Rosie's toesies as I like to say) or hands or whatever she can get her big wet tongue on.  I don't always let her, especially the face or hands since rose likes to suck on her hands, but toes are up for grabs.  One day I was holding Rose on my hip facing out doing some squats and Ziva was a few feet away chewing on a bone. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard this faint little laugh a couple times. I could see in the mirror that she was watching Ziva and laughing.  I thought it was pretty cute. Jeremy said she was doing it the other day too.  I keep telling Ziva that one day Rose will be fun to play with.  I couldn't decided which of these pictures I liked more so I thought I'd just post all 3 of them!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


It's 11:17 on a Sunday night so I know this weeks picture is barely making it in.  There's been a few times I wanted to post but then didn't have a picture I wanted or just didn't get the chance.  Friday Rose turned 5 months old! That's almost 6 months which is half a year old. That's crazy! It's like she just got here but at the same time it feels like she's been here for forever (and I mean that in a good way). She likes to watch Ziva and sometimes will giggle at her. We've started cereal and solids this past month.  This week we've been working on rolling (which I have to admit I'm not too excited about...nervous about rolling over in the middle of the night). She's been sitting up a lot more and when she gets fussy, Jeremy will just fly her around the house like an airplane.  She's also pretty chatty when I change her diaper.  She's just the cutest little baby (I think so anyway, but you know she's mine so of course I'll think that!)

My funny little Valentine!

So here is another picture.
I found Jeremy folding laundry while I was in the shower.
I thought it was too cute to not snap a picture of them.

Monday, February 9, 2015

ziva's weekend

We got a little bit of a break from winter this past weekend.  It was sunny and in the 60s! Saturday we walked on Grants Trail for a couple hours.  It was nice to feel the sun on our backs.  I know since Rose was born Ziva has probably felt a little left out.  Plus she gets pretty excited once it starts getting cold.  Unfortunately it's too cold to go outside and play with the baby.  She goes in and out all day, whining and barking to come in and then to go back out.  Occasionally Jeremy will take her for a jog or hike.  (Rose is napping now and since she's usually only sleeps for about 30 minutes i gave Ziva a bone so she wouldn't bark.  Well she started howling at her bone...earlier she was howling at a sock.)

So Saturday we went on the long walk and on Sunday we went down to the Soulard area and walked in the Dog Parade. So many people. So many dogs!  We watched the parade for a little while.  Jeremy went off and found some slices of pizza for us. It was really too crowded to see the dogs so we just walked right in and joined the parade.  It was part of Mardi Gras so there were a lot of people and dogs dressed up and people throwing beads.  Blues Traveler was going to perform afterwards and we kinda waited around, but we were getting a little tired and we still had a long walk back to our car so we missed the concert :(.   I called this Ziva's weekend since she get some extra attention (from us and strangers) and lots of walking in.  Saturday and Sunday night she seemed pretty worn out.  

walking in the many people.

there were a few dogs that had their fur dyed for Mardi Gras 

taking a break

this is my new favorite picture of Ziva!  She looks so happy!
someone gave her some beads

just a cool house

Friday, February 6, 2015


This picture isn't the best quality, but i thought it was pretty cute.
Rose has been loving to sit up more.
We've been giving her rice cereal the past few weeks and the other night she got carrots for the first time.  She seemed to like that!
She keeps growing and loosing her hair on top.
Those little expressive.

It's been kinda a long week.  Fussy feedings, shorter than usual naps and some random aversion to Jeremy in the evenings.  Plus it's been cold.  It's suppose to be nice this weekend so maybe some fresh air will do us all some good.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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