Thursday, January 31, 2013

this week

Most of our stuff is moved in and we're still getting settled.  Earlier in the week we had a couple warm days.  There's a field down the street from the house and we were told we could get on a trail but we couldn't find it, so we walked around the neighborhood instead.  I knew it was going to get cooler so i decided to pull some weeds.  It rained for a while and Ziva was miserable inside.  One night i chased her around the yard in the rain trying to get her inside.  She thought i was playing (i wasn't).  I bought some fabric for some kitchen curtains. This afternoon there was quite a snowstorm. I bought a chair for the living room.  I'm hoping to find some more furniture to fill up that room.  We put all our living room furniture in the basement.  It's been fun watching movies in the basement.  It's kinda like our own theater.  Popcorn and all!  Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

in the new place

Well we have stayed in our new home for 2 nights now. Still unpacking, still junk everywhere. We have a lot more than we thought. We ended up hiring movers and I'm so glad we did.  It would have take us forever to move if it was just the two of us and getting some of the things down in the basement would have been hard.  We still have a few things back at the other apartment...a few lamps and all my plants. Ziva is in hog heaven here. I can hardly get her to come inside.  When she is in shes only in for a few minutes before whining to go back out or to take a quick nap.  By 7 o'clock at night she is zonked out.  I'm hoping to make a trip out to an antique store today, but we also need to get a washer and dryer.  Once i get everything settled in and painted and decorated and get some furniture I'll post some pictures. It could be a couple months though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

we aren't really good at taking pictures

This was at Jeremy's work holiday party over the weekend.  We weren't really all that good with the photo booth thing.  We didn't have a plan and tried to do a costume change in between.  As you can see the second picture in both sets we weren't ready. 

And yes that is a peacock on my head in the first black and white photo. 

Friday, January 11, 2013


We found a new place to live!  A house with a nice yard for Ziva to play in. (we are only renting, not buying).  It was not easy to find but we finally found a place.  To be honest though, i wasn't too excited at first about the inside of it. It has this ugly blue carpet in this odd dining room/living room and in a hallway.  I'll make it work. I've been thinking up some ideas and have gotten more excited as the day has gone by. There are 3 small bedrooms on the main floor and a finished basement with a 4th bedroom (and pink carpet) and a second bathroom with laundry downstairs.  The basement is kinda like a dungeon with wood paneling, but it's huge and will work just fine for the tv and computer (man cave!) We don't really need all those bedrooms so it will be interesting how we utilize them.  The main reason we got it was because it was only 10 minutes from Jeremys work, 2 car garage, and fenced in yard.  Those were the important things to us and it was terribly hard to find just one of those things in a decent neighborhood. We will hopefully get to move in towards the end of the month/beginning of Feb.  Im ready for it to warm up some and get started in that yard!  We took Ziva to the house today and she LOVED it.  Running up and down the stairs, being able to run in general (inside and outside) she usually wipes out here on the smooth concrete floors.  Once we are able to get in there i'll have to take before and after pictures.

Here is part of the back yard.  The play set will be gone though. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

snow days

Last friday we had our first big snowfall. It wasn't till it got dark that the snow started to stick.  I knew Ziva would want to play in it (i did too!) so we bundled up and headed down. Ziva ran around in circles and leaped around while me and Jeremy threw snowballs at each other.

 That blur up there is Ziva catching snowballs ^^

The following days Ziva begged to go out all day long and more snow came.

i looked out our kitchen window and saw somebody writing this "Hi Mom" in the snow.  Not sure who it was for but i thought it was cute.

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