Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A few new items from the thrift store..

I picked up a few things at the thrift store today...

Floral Plant stand

Pink swan and tiny tea cup

Blue Man Statue

A few records (and we don't have a record player...)

I really just liked the covers on the above and below pictures.

I got this for my bike.  One of the handles is broken, but it's really sturdy. 
I think it'll work just fine. I looked at some online and they can run up to like $50.
This was just $1. 

Big fan.

I actually got this several weeks ago at an antique store. 
It was missing a top, but thought it may work as a planter.
I just thought it was too cool to pass up.

Funky shoes.
  I'm not sure why in the world i got these. 
They just seemed funny.

I also got a couple other baskets, a small pot, a new pair of boots from target,
new pair of bedroom slippers for Jer from target, and a dress.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A few snapshots

1. Succulents and a little cutie flower
2. Me and my pony shirt
3. Flower books and dance shoes
4. Jeremy and Ziva napping and Jeremy jammin'
5. Z at the dog park and her wanting a piece of meat on the floor

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  We pretty much stayed inside snacking on cutie mandarins and enjoying some ribs from Pappy's (although i didn't...for some reason i wanted McDonald's instead). Jeremy and Ziva took naps. On Sunday we walked down to the dog park since it was such a beautiful day.  Friday i bought a plane ticket to Valdosta for April!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful relaxing weekend!

p.s. Ziva just swallowed one of my footie socks whole.  She saw me trying to get it from her and she chugged that thing down.  I'm sure i will be seeing it around soon. Yuck.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

i drew a picture

Of us.
Jeremy. Hilary. Ziva.

I drew this hopping to be the new header for the blog.  I like the picture but it's pretty massive up there.
We will see.
What do you think? 

*Oh and i know the picture isn't perfect. 
But I'm not claiming to be an artist.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

warning: me and ziva picture overload

Ziva has been following me everywhere.  She'll follow me room to room and get all comfy, just in time for me to leave that room to go somewhere else.  I even wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and find her laying next to me (on the floor).  She's never been a cuddly dog.  She wont usually let other people pet her either.  She's friendly, but just to playful and wants to lick or play bite you. (however if you stratch her belly she will love you forever.  If she is laying down and reach for her she will automatically crank that leg up so you can get to her belly).  She is almost a year and a half I suppose she is still in her puppy stage.   Latley she has come around and will lay next to me or sometimes rest her head on my lap if we are on the couch.  Last night i made Jeremy take a picture of us so i could have proof she cuddled.

Most of these pictures aren't the best.  I took them with my phone and the lighting was bad so it made them turn out pixely.  My bad.

She fell asleep on the chair while i was on the computer.

bi eyed

Ziva is "smizing"


When i went to the grocery store yesterday Jeremy said she stayed in the hallway by the door the whole time.  Im going to say it's because she missed me.  :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last week on Valentines day night i wrote about a sleeping bag outside our building that looks like it could have a body in it.  I took a picture of it so you could decide for yourself.  What do you think? 

You can go HERE for the original post and to learn more on this sleeping bag.

started taking a dance class

Last night i had my first dance class since i left home and my dance studio.  Really it was my first "class" with a full bare routine since 2007.  (wait i take that back...i guess when i taught my last year i did bare work with the students, but in the college/adult class we pretty much just stretched ourselves and then worked on our dances for the recital).  It's Ballet Intermediate. The class is a mixture of older women and a few around my age.  They all knew each other and had taken a class there last month (which means they were more loose than i was)  I was fresh meat and felt like they were watching me to see how i would keep up.  Of course they probably weren't.  It was a good class though and i am looking forward to more.  I am definitely feeling it today.  Although it's more of aching joints than sore muscles.  That will probably come tomorrow.

Me after my senior year 2007.  I was the Dying Swan.

And because I've been missing my kitty...this was after the recital. 
I miss those cheese hugs.  His claws were probably digging into my neck.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jeremy took friday off...

So we got up early and went out for breakfast at this place called Rooster.  We had been there before back in the fall, but went on a Saturday and it was packed.  After breakfast we walked over to this bike shop.  We just browsed around looking at all the fun looking bikes and talking about how we need to pull out ours and ride some when the weather gets warmer.  They had this 2 seater that i was wanting to ride!  After we left there we stopped by a couple antique malls.  Saw a few things we liked, but i only ended up getting a few glass bottles.  We started to get hungry and i talked Jeremy into some Wendy's.  Then we finished the day out with a couple other errands and taking the truck into the car shop.  The rest of the day we just watched a couple movies (Rise of the planet of the apes being one of sad) and stayed up till midnight watching that new show called The River.  Weird stuff.  When Jeremy was taking Ziva outside i started to scare myself thinking about things.  Anyway it was a really good day and I'm glad he took the day off so we could spend it together.

I had a Strawberry Nutella crepe. 
 I hadn't had Nutella since i ate a ton of it in Italy (almost 5 years ago)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday night cooking

This past Sunday we were cookin' up a storm.  We had a bunch of eggs that was going to expire soon so I made a breakfast casserole and a cake.  After i put those things together (you put everything together for the casserole and then let it sit in the refrigerator over night) Jeremy started working on a shrimp salad for dinner.  While he was doing that i mostly just danced around in the kitchen listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young, James Taylor, and Cat Stevens.

...ate this the next day for dinner!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.  Mine was pretty good for the most part.  Jeremy had to work late so it was kinda boring.  Although me and Ziva went out and played in the snow for a while.  I got him this card:

Plus i had made a cake and some breakfast casserole the other day.

He got me an Anthropologie gift card.  I was surprised because i didn't know when he would have gotten it.  Well we were in the store over the weekend and i guess i was just not paying him any attention.   We just stayed in and had some Salmon and watched TV. 

After we went to bed is when things started to get pretty exciting.  We had been in bed for awhile when i started to hear all these sirens.  I heard some of them stop right outside our building.  So i got out of bed and looked out our bedroom window.  All i could really see was the flashing lights bouncing off of other cars, but couldn't tell where they were and what they were there for.  So i put on my bedroom slippers and a jacket and went outside on the balcony.  That's when i saw a fire truck and then saw them trying to get inside our building.  I then ran to tell Jeremy what was going on (trying to explain who and what like a baboon fumbling over my words).  I went back out to see if they were still there.  They were and still couldn't get in.  There were like 4 or 5 of them out there and i heard one of them say "come on let us in".  We have pass codes to get in. So i yelled down and gave them our number.  I felt important and was all like "ohhh I helped!!".  Then i heard them on our floor...down the hall!  I was running around trying to find Jeremy all panicky yelling that they were on our floor.  I think he fell asleep in the bathroom.  So i opened the front door and it was kinda smokey and smelled kinda funny  (i was still trying to update Jeremy of what was going on in a whisper yell...i think he was already back in bed.  At least Ziva was interested).  I hung out the door for a minute to listen to what was going on (i couldn't see because it was around the corner...i didn't want to walk down there in my pj's and retainers and be all like yeaaa I'm the one that let you in).  Then the neighbor across from us opened the door and was taking the trash out and said "the neighbor just had a little fire" Like it was no big deal.  I don't know what went on, but i guess it wasn't that big of a deal because the firemen didn't stay too long.

After all that i had a small headache (which then turned into an all night-all morning headache) and my heart was beating all fast.  But i tell ya, those firemen are....well, brave.  I got nervous just looking at them with all their tools and gear on and thinking about what they may be getting into.  And then i was like what?? I just yelled at them. (I'm not one to usually speak out to strangers, let alone yell out at them).  Same goes for police men and and people in the military.  I mean i don't yell at them, but the bravery part.  Putting their life on the line to save or protect someone/thing. I don't know if i could do that.  Well i could maybe be a detective or something.  I'm good with noticing details and picking up on things.  Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad.  I'm one of those people who if in a building or situation i sometimes figure out how to escape if something awful was happening or i get all cautious of a suspicious looking person.  Can never be too careful.  I mean i can't be the only person that thinks that there could be a dead body in the sleeping bag behind some bushes (but very open for anyone to see).  It's been there for a few weeks now.  That was actually the first thing that came to my mind when i saw all the flashing lights outside.  I was looking in that area to see if that's what they came for.  I thought oh no they found it and i was right.  I walked up by it the other day to get a better look.  From a distance it looks all raised up at the top/middle and then again where there could be feet.  Then when you get closer it still looks like that but different.  I didn't want to stand by it for too long because i was afraid someone was going to pop out and grab my leg.  Ziva started to get close to it and smell it but i pulled her away because i didn't want any trace that we were that close to it because i didn't want to be a suspect or whatever.  Didn't want to leave any fingerprints or hairs.  Most likely it's not a body and probably just some clothes stuffed inside or even just some of the sleeping bag tucked under there.  Maybe I've just seen too many Law and Order and NCIS TV shows.  Like i said i notice things a lot.  Good and bad.  Jeremy said he hasn't even seen it.  Anyway this story has gone on for far too long.  Sorry for the random rambling. I actually wrote most of this last night when i couldn't sleep.  That might explain the craziness. 
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