Thursday, September 4, 2014

37 week update

37 weeks. Full term. Almost there!

I think we are pretty much ready for this baby to be here!  We both feel like the past couple weeks have been dragging, and the next couple will probably feel the same.  Honestly, I like being pregnant for the most part and i think i will miss it.  I think I've had a fairly easy pregnancy though, compared to some people. Physically anyway...mentally is a different story (and maybe besides the gestational diabetes ;)).  Of course, I'm ready for her to be here!  

The hospital bag is packed and next week we are scheduling the induction for 39ish weeks.  I've had some people ask why I'm being induced early.  My doctor is doing it because of the GD and even though it doesn't seem I'm going to have a big baby, there's still a risk and complications can occur and I don't really want to get to that point.  I've also had some people ask how I'm going to deliver...epidural or natural.  I've decided to go in with an open mind and just see how things go.  If i need a C-section then so be it.  If i can't handle the pain, then I'm not afraid to ask for an epidural.  My main thing is i want her delivered safely and that's all that matters....i feel like at this point it's not about me, but about the baby and whatever needs to be done. That's all just my opinion and other people may disagree with that and that's fine.  I don't think the way you deliver makes you a good mom or a better woman than others that have to or choose a different way of delivering.  Again...just my opinion.  Whichever way she comes into this world, we can't wait!   I also can't wait till my first baby girl, Ziva, meets the new baby!  I told Jeremy that I've had two dreams (one at the beginning of the pregnancy and one last night) of delivering a baby and then it turns out being a dog....he said that's because Ziva is like my baby.  It's true.  

I made Jeremy go outside 3 different times to take these pictures of me.  Either the lighting was bad, picture was blurry, or i just looked dumb.  Or my legs looked red and blotchy?  Not professionals here, but I'm glad we have them to look back on!   They are mostly for my family since they don't get to see me, but thanks for taking a peek anyway.  Could be the last of the bump pictures! 
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