Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Very She and Him Christmas

Last night i got my She and Him Christmas album in the mail.  We popped it in
and started dancing around in the kitchen (ok that was mostly me)
while making some hamburgers. 
Then we watched a movie.
Nice little date night in.

We also heard back about Ziva.
She seems to be doing well with her training.
She's got about a week left and we will go for a few training days
to see how things work.
Can't wait to see my little puppy!!  I have missed her!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here// crafts

Here are a few little Christmas decorations I've been working on the past week.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas tree.
3 Snow globes.
Christmas Garland.

The metal thing in the last picture we found
 in the dumpster the other day.  It still had a price tag on
it for $175.

I can't wait to get our Christmas tree!!  We are moving hopefully
later this week (same building different unit).
I'm ready to get moved and set things up!!
We'll have a balcony this time and we were told that they have a
Christmas lights/decorations war. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

Here are just a few things I'm Thankful for.

Fenced in dog parks
Christmas lights
a home
cinnamon rolls
my plants
blankets and warm covers
vacuum cleaner
my bed
old books
hot water
the color green
and yellow
warm clothes
smiling faces

and of course my husband, my family and friends!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Road trip Part III

Thursday morning we went to Chimney Rock...

After leaving Chimney Rock we drove to Nashville and friday morning we saw the Parthenon...

And back home....

Road trip Part II

Wednesday morning we left Georgia and went to Asheville, NC and saw the Biltmore house.  I wasn't allowed to take picture of the inside and it was raining and cloudy so i didn't get too many of the outside.

View from behind the house

 After we left there we road up to our hotel in Chimney Rock.  It was about 20 minutes of going up the mountain on winding roads.  When we went looking for a place to eat it was like a ghost town.  We felt like we were the only people on the mountain.  Most places were closed.  I guess it was a wednesday so there wasn't a whole lot going on.  We finally found a place and afterwards went back and played some pool at the hotel.

View from outside our hotel window


Road trip Part I

Two weeks ago we were suppose to be getting ready to go to Thailand for Jeremy's sisters wedding.  They had some really bad flooding so the trip was postponed.  Since we weren't going anymore we decided to go to Jeremy's cousins wedding in Tennessee.  Friday we drove to this town just outside of Nashville, had some Zaxbys (we don't have it out here in St. Louis) and saw a movie.  The next morning we met up with some family and headed to the wedding. The rest of the day we spent with Jeremy's family, which we hadn't seen since the beginning of July.  Sunday we went to the Tennessee Aquarium with my sister in law, Lindsey and her husband Charlie.

The next couple days we went to Toccoa, GA to visit with 2 of Jeremy's sisters.  Monday we drove there and walked to an antique store.  We went to eat wings with Lindsey and Charlie.  Later me and Lisa stayed up late making jewelry. Tuesday we went to Currahee Mountain.  We were only there for a little while because i had to go get my haircut!!  Lindsey works at a salon and she cut it all off! 

A few random iphone pics

Dirty Ziva at the park, Hotdog notebook, Omlets for dinner,
 Zaxbys in TN, cool bridge, carrots and yorks for road trip snacks.
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