Tuesday, December 9, 2014


One of these days I'll get back into posting somewhat regularly.  I probably should be eating some breakfast...wait...make that lunch, but instead I'm on here ordering winter hats for Rose while she's sleeping.  There's been a few times where i emailed myself pictures from my phone to post on here, but then i realized there's just too many favorites and you probably have already seen them anyway (from some kind of social media).

We made a long trek home to Valdosta over Thanksgiving and it was so nice to be home.  Lots of friends and most of our family got to meet Rose for the first time!  The week went by too fast as usual.  I'm already wanting to go back.

Rose is stirring and it looks like it's eating time!  Here's just a few pictures from lately...

enjoying her quilt made by her Aunt Mary!


Not so sure about this sitting up thing

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