Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throw back thursday

Last thursday i was looking through a bunch of old pictures. 
I thought i'd share some from 2011 and 2012.

Maybe i'll do another post some other time 

"artistic" shots ;)

I took all this stuff to Forest Park with me, set it up and did a little photo shoot.

a little nook in our first apartment

view outside our window when we lived can see a sliver of the arch.

baby Ziva

I liked to go outside our apartment and practice with my camera taking pictures of whatever i could find.  Detailed photos are my favorite.  I'm not really into taking picture of people, but close ups of stuff i like.  

And we can't forgot when i had a pixie cut!

i don't know these people

an older arrangement


I snuck into Roses room last night to check on her and saw her little booty
 up in the air and thought it was too cute! 

So after a month (plus) long battle with trying to get her to sleep through the night again and trying to figure out what was wrong, i think we figured it out.  One night i checked on her and she was on her belly.  I was a little worried, but she seemed to be sleeping hard.  Of course then i thought about it more and tossed and turned in bed and went to try and turn her over.  It didn't go so smooth and she woke up angry that i woke her.  The next night she rolled on her belly again and i left her.  Ever since she's been a tummy sleeper mostly and has been sleeping so much better.  She only wakes up maybe once or twice.  The only thing is sometimes i see that her face is down in the mattress and then i get all worried again.  I just turn her head, but sometimes she just goes right back to it.  I'm just glad she's sleeping again, even if i'm not sleeping still because i'm always checking on her.  Naps seem to be better too.  Well except for right now.  She was probably only down for 20 minutes.  But yesterday i got a full hour! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


So i couldn't just pick one for this week!  
This morning i put this dress on Rose thinking i needed to take this weeks pictures at some point and then i looked outside and saw all the yellow dandelions in our front yard.  

flowers in her hair

look at that little face!  
Lately when she's playing she'll get excited and squish up her face and make this heavy breathing/laugh noise.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Us girls enjoying some warm weather before the storms rolled in earlier this week.
Zivas toy got caught in my hair and was pulling it before I took this picture so that's the reason for the face. Rose looks a little scared too. It cracks me up. 

We're still working on some sleep training here.  Some nights are pretty good while others are still pretty rough.  We're thinking maybe she's teething.  That's the only thing we can think of as to why she's all the sudden not sleeping through the night anymore.  Putting her down to sleep is fine, but keeping her asleep through the night is where our trouble is.  Hopefully it's just a phase.  A couple months ago I had a rough month where she was very fussy nursing and I almost quit because I was getting so stressed about it.  She would just scream and refuse to nurse.  I stuck with it and things are so much better now.  She use to feed for an hour and now she's down to 15 minutes maybe.  So maybe after this sleep trouble it will all turn out better too!  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Rose's first Easter!

I know it was kinda pointless to do an Easter basket this year, but i ended up buying a little basket anyway and put in things that she already had.  Mostly gifts that other people had given her....some she's already been using.  She'll never know the difference ;)  
(I forgot to get some grass stuff so i went into our shredder and stuffed some in the basket)

We decided last minute to go to church for Easter.  We haven't been yet since Rose was born (we did go when we visited in GA) so it was her first time in the nursery.  I think she liked it.  She was just chillin' in a bouncy thing when we cam to pick her up. 

Can't forget about my Ziva puppy!

Tuckered out after the days activities!

**I've noticed that lately when i take pictures on my iphone and send them to my email so i can upload them on the computer that they aren't the best quality.  I'm not sure if i shouldn't be doing it like that or what, but they don't usually look so pixel-y on my phone.  Sorry about the quality of the photos, i'll try to fix it so they look a little better.  :)  Thanks for checking in!**

mini flowers

Yesterday i went out and clipped a few things blooming around the yard right now.  There's not much, but i wanted to clip them so i can enjoy them before they're gone. 

Muscari i planted a couple years ago

Hellebore my mom gave me a couple years ago and rex begonia leaf

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