Sunday, May 24, 2015

Finished Macrame

I finished up my macrame wall hanging i started a few weeks ago!   I like how it turned out.  A little different than what I was picturing, but then again i was really just making it up as I went so I wasn't really sure what i wanted. 

I did a few things and then undid them and then had to finish things up because I started to run out of rope.  I actually had to extend the rope by sewing on more rope to the ends so I could finish.  Definitely take a lot of rope to do a big design!  If you think you have enough...add a few more feet.  

So I first tried to do a leaf design in the center, but it was kinda wonky so I undid it and tried a snowflake.  As you can see the rope was getting shorter in the middle.

Now that I look at it on here the snowflake makes it look like an eye....hmmm oh well. 
 I still like it better. 

And all done! I may someday do some more macrame-ing, maybe not as big, but I had fun doing it.  
Really once you figure out how to do the knots and what design you want it's pretty easy and goes by fast.  I would have probably finished in a week had I not run out of rope and had to hand sew more, that kinda took awhile. And that was mostly done during nap time and some evenings after I put Rose down for bed. 

A floral arrangement

Jeremy went on a hiking trip last week with friends and so for the past month we went to REI so he could get all his hiking/camping gear.  A lot of times I would have Rose in the carrier and walk around some of the other stores in the area.  Pier One, Nordstrom Rack, and Whole Foods.  One time i bought a dress at Nordstrom Rack, another time we accidentally broke a mug in Pier One by getting Roses food caught in the mug while reaching for something, and another time I bought these flowers at Whole Foods. 

I feel like I've done a similar arrangement before...same flowers and such.  I hate not being able to have access to a big variety of flowers.  I mean I suppose I do in a way, but it's either not what I want (kinda a flower snob here) or it'll cost too much.  Flowers aren't cheap!  And especially peonies.  So I grabbed 2 bunches of peonies and a bunch of tulips...the rest was from my front yard.  I didn't get as many pictures as I usually like to take, but it started to rain so I had to cut my photo shoot short.  It probably wasn't the right time of day to take pictures anyway, I kept trying to get the blue vase to really pop and it just wasn't happening.  I think that's what really makes this arrangement.  

Ziva took a bite out of one of the tulips to the left there :| 
I've noticed that tulips kinda have a mind of their own...One day they will be a certain way like above and then the next day they are facing all different directions.  One was sticking straight up! And then the next day they were different again too. 

A perfect peony 

Life lately

So i up loaded all my pictures onto the computer (or rather Jeremy did) and i'm thinking and hoping that if i keep doing that it will solve the poor picture quality problem.  I've wanted to post some pictures lately, but when i try they just looked i'll try it again

We went to the Botanical Gardens last month.  We were hoping to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, but they weren't really blooming just yet. 

Roses onesie says Raised by Wolves and Ziva is posing perfectly for it!  :)

Strolling through an antique mall

Big hat, Little girl lassoing the moons

I can't even handle this face

Loves her daddy!

Plant shopping with my mom


Here are this weeks pictures!  
I couldn't choose just one.

I saw these sunglasses in Target the other day and just could not pass them up!
They were just too cute!
At first she kept pulling them off as soon as i put them on, but then i put my teething necklace on and she didn't seem to mind.

This baby is such a ham!! 
I put her down on the bench and this was the first and last picture i got of her here before Ziva came up and started licking toes.  It doesn't take much to get her to smile.  

I think we may have a crawler!  She's been showing signs for awhile, propping herself up on all fours.  For awhile she just rolled around where ever she wanted to go, but yesterday she started to push a little and we would put something on the ground and she was go for it.  I think in the next week she'll be all over the place.  Uh oh!  Time to baby proof!

Monday, May 18, 2015

19/52 Rose and my parents

Here's a couple with Rose and my parents!  
Maymay and Papa!

and here's one from when they came when Rose was 3 weeks old!

she looks so tiny!!


I'm behind a couple weeks!
Last week my parents were here and the week before we were getting ready for them to visit, getting Jeremy ready for his hiking trip, taking Ziva to the vet, and just life happening. 

I was changing the sheet in the crib and plopped Rose down in here to keep her occupied.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Started working on a macrame wall hanging yesterday.  
I'm kinda just making it up as i go and looking up how to the knots online.  
Fingers crossed it turns out how i picture it will in my mind!


Happy May Day!

I can't believe it's May already!  Which means this little one is almost 8 months!
She isn't crawling yet, but she'll pop that booty in the air and work her legs, or prop up on her hands, but just hasn't done both at the same time.  Soon though!  

This month will be a fun one!  My parents are coming to visit in a couple weeks, and while they are here Jeremy is going out to Utah to go hiking with some friends (i'm jealous...i want to go!  We were wanting to go last year, but it just didn't work out).  He also has some time off when he gets home.  Not sure if we will go anywhere or just hang out in STL.  Either way i'm sure we will have fun.  

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