Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The other week we went home to visit our families.  It had been an entire year since we were last there and that was too long.  We'll be back again for Christmas so only a few months till we see everyone again.  Apparently it had been raining every day for a couple months or something like that, but i don't know...we must have brought the nice weather with us when we came down, because it only rained for a little while one afternoon.  I just hope the cold weather doesn't follow us at Christmas time.  Anyway, speaking of all that rain, Valdosta was looking pretty lush.  And my moms garden....looked like a jungle to me.  Maybe it's because i hadn't seen it in a year or because she works in a garden center and brings plants home all the time (probably both), but it seemed to double in growth since i last saw it.  Of course i took a bunch of pictures!  and a few inside too!

These are pretty much the only pictures i got from our trip.  Jeremy was starting to feel bad on our way down and it turned out he had pneumonia.  We had planned on taking a trip to Savannah, but decided maybe we shouldn't and let him rest.  We met up with some friends and family through out the week and we did go down to Florida with my parents one day to go antiquing. I came home with a few floral frogs (more on that later).  We also celebrated Jeremy's birthday on the 31st.  The week seemed to go by too fast, but like i said earlier...we'll be back in a few months!  So here are those pictures i was telling you about...

Top half

bottom half...it was hard to get a good picture in just one shot.  Last years Christmas tree turned bottle tree.
I've started my own bottle tree at my house. 


me and my mom made the beads for my wedding and hung them above our cake along with a few other lanterns from an old fence gate.  We called them "love beads"

Some other pictures from home....here and here 

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