Thursday, January 29, 2015

throw back thursday

Going through some pictures and thought i'd share a few from right after Rose was born.  Most of the time was spent sitting on the couch feeding and cuddling. Sometimes worrying about her weight gain and sleeping in separate rooms at night.  Watched a lot of Netflix!  Jeremy had a few weeks off and they just flew by!  Unfortunately, his grandma passed away and he ended up flying home for a few days.  I was pretty nervous about being home alone all day and night with her.  Of course when he leaves we have a really bad storm and i was paranoid about tornadoes.  My parents were coming to visit anyway and decided to come up a day early so i wouldn't have to be by myself for too long. 

Just a few days old, soaking up some sun!

One week old and out for our first family walk
she looks so little!

hahaha Ziva!
proud big sis

My parents came to visit a few weeks after Rose was born.  
Ziva photo bombing. 

p.s.  Everything look so green and lush and warm in these everything is dead and cold.  I can't wait for Spring and Summer!

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