Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Face the Foliage

A few years ago I was at the grocery store looking at some magazines and wanted to pick up a decorating/house magazine (i can't think of the name now).  I picked one up and flipped through it real quick to see if it was something I would be interested in.  I came across a few pages of this house and I knew I wanted to look at it more so I brought it home with me.  She calls her house the Jungalow (a Jungle and Bungalow).  It was kind of a bohemian/worldly style with lots of plants. Anyway, fast forward to a couple more years and she started something called Face the Foliage...making faces out of foliage and sometimes stories to go with them.

A few months ago, on Earth Day actually, I decided I wanted to give it a try so I went out and picked up a few twigs, maple leaves, and things off the ground while on a walk.  It was fun trying to figure out when would work as her lips, or her eyes.  Finding a twig with enough curve to make her chin. I never came up with a story for my lady, but I'm not really good with that kind of stuff.  If you type in Face the Foliage in google you'll find a lot of much cooler faces!  Maybe I'll try again soon being in a different season and maybe use and find different things.

The lady with the Jungalow is Justina Blakeney.  She has a book out now called The New Bohemians, that I have enjoyed browsing through when I have a free minute.  If you're looking for some inspiration check out her blog

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