Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our trip to Florida

I know I haven't been keeping up with my weekly photos this past month, but I may just have to call it quits for the year. I made it almost half a year. It's just going to get harder for me to keep up with it during the move I think.

I've been wanting to get on here and post some pictures and write about our trip to Florida.  I don't seem to remember things as easily these days so I need to write this down, it was one to remember!

We were really going down to Florida so Jeremy could interview for a job. We decided to take the week and make it into a vacation.  I was a little bit nervous to fly with Rose, but I kept thinking I was glad I wasn't doing it by myself.  When we got to the airport and got our tickets printed we realized that Jeremy and roses tickets didn't get printed. It was like the receipt and all of mine. So I went ahead through security while Jeremy went back to get them printed. It turns out that Travelocity put us in the emergency exit row and that is against the law to sit there with a baby. So they told us to let the people know at our gate. We rushed over as they were boarding and we got new seats.  Unfortunately they weren't together. I did get to sit in first class for the first time, but I couldn't even enjoy it cause i was so stressed about Rose being a little fussy. I felt bad, thinking that these people paid extra to sit in first class, I'm sure they don't want to listen to a crying baby.  Rose really only will fall asleep in her crib, carrier or carsest, not in your arms very easily. So I could tell she was tired, but she wouldn't go to sleep, which meant she was fussy. It was only a couple hours and while I felt that it was the worst thing ever, I'm sure it wasn't that bad.  When we landed we stressed for a few minutes cause we weren't given a tag for our carry on bag and It didn't come out when you first get off the plane. We knew had to get new tickets again so we were afraid we were going to miss our flight, or not find our bag (which had all of roses things in it). They said it would have gone to our final destination, but we weren't sure about that. One of the guys was nice enough to go down and get our bag for us. We had to get new seats for the second flight again, but we asked someone if they could switch with us so we could sit together.  She had fallen asleep in the carrier for a little bit in between flights so she slept for the first part of the flight. It was much easier being able to pass her off between the two of us if she got squirmy.  Finally we landed and we had all of our bags.  We got a car to take us to our hotel in Delray Beach.  Once we got to the hotel we decided we didn't want to go anywhere. It was almost supper time anyway, so we ordered room service and called it a night!

Hello! We made it to Florida!

We were just a couple blocks from the beach so the next morning we woke up and walked down for a little bit. Rose loved the beach! Jeremy took her out and she just splashed and rolled her wrists....which is some weird thing she does when she's about to get some food and is excited or wants to be held.  Her sound machine in her room is the sound of the ocean so we said she was like being at home.  After some time at the beach we headed back to our hotel for some lunch and a nap. We got cleaned up and walked around town some. We pretty much did this for a few days.  We found out our hotel had a private beach and they had a shuttle that would take you there where they had their clubhouse with a pool and restaurant. We took advantage of it after the first day!

Rose loved being out in the water
I didn't go in too far because i'm a chicken and i'm afraid of the ocean
(side note: i saw somewhere online that later that day there was a bull shark that was either caught or washed up to shore...not too far from where we were playing at)

"I got dis mama!"

First time on the swings!! 

Morning walk on the beach and around town

view from a restaurant 

worn out after fighting her nap
those little hot rosie cheeks

There was a really cool aquarium in the lobby of our hotel
Sometimes we would look around in it for awhile

a picture from a photobooth...this was the best one!

The first part of the week was our vacation time.  The second was my birthday, Jeremy's interview, and then checking out the area.

On my birthday we drove to Melbourne, where Jeremy was interviewing.  Once we got there we wanted to explore a little and see the area, but it was pouring rain so bad that we could hardly see the roads while we were out, so we decided to head back to the hotel for awhile.  Our hotel was right on the beach and our room had huge windows floor to ceiling.  Me and Rose sat on the floor for awhile watching the storm roll in, and dolphins swim by.  I think the best part of the day was when we went out for supper this elderly couple told us how good Rose was being and that we must be proud of her.  She did so good on this trip in all the restaurants we ate at.  I was always just waiting for her to start fussing, but she never did!

view from our room

The next morning Jeremy left for his interview and me and Rose walked on the beach for awhile.  She napped in the carrier and i looked for shells.  His interview lasted most of the day so we just hung around either by the pool, the hotel room or back on the beach.  The next day we went downtown and walked around a bit.  We had set up a meeting with a realtor to show us around the area and she took us to a few houses.  We went back to the hotel afterwards for a quick nap, then went back to the downtown for their Friday Fest.  We walked on the docks for a little bit and watched a couple manatees splash around.

Looking for seashells

there were so many shells here.
a lot of them were whole shells too and not all broken up. 
i brought home several pretty purple ones

Our last day we had an early walk on the beach and then packed up to head to the airport, but not without stopping at Zaxbys first ;).  We wanted to make sure we got to the airport in plenty of time in case there were problems.  Everything with our tickets were good and we got seats together.  The flight was only supposed to be 3 hours, but flying to Chicago there was bad weather.  We kept having to circle around and there were a lot of planes in the area waiting to land.  We had to make a fuel stop in Milwaukee. (Jeremy was afraid we were going to run out of fuel, I was afraid we were going to crash with another plane since we were all waiting to land)  This all added about 2-3 more hours to our flight.  Rose wasn't too bad.  She had her usual meltdown trying to nap in our arms.  She kept smiling and flirting with the guy behind us.  Jeremy took her to the bathroom and change her diaper and when he came back he didn't have her.  I was like where is she???!!  One of the flight attendants held her while he went to the bathroom and she said she would hold her for a few minutes.  I saw her slowly walking up from the back stopping and talking and letting Rose smile at everyone.  It was kinda funny!  She did start to get kinda fussy when we stopped for fuel, but can you really blame her.  I think everyone was starting to get fussy!  We also noticed that she was getting in her first tooth.  I know that couldn't have felt good.

Once we finally landed in Chicago at about 10:30 pm, we had missed our flight to St. Louis.  I think a lot of peoples flights were missed cause of our delay.  We got in line to see what to do next and we saw this guy started running.  Someone asked where he was going and what gate and he said St. Louis, so we started to run and follow him.  I felt like this was like a scene in a movie.  Running to catch a flight that was boarding.  Jeremy had Rose in the carrier so he couldn't run as fast and I ran ahead.  I mean i was running!  Whizzing by people trying to dodge them (it was quite busy for 10 at night) and I was out of breathe once i finally got to the gate.  We got our tickets squared away and made it on the plane.  It was just a short flight to St. Louis 45 minutes maybe.  Rose didn't put up a fight this time to sleep.  I was a little worried our luggage (mostly car seat so we could get home) wouldn't have had a chance to get switched over to the new flight, but everything arrived.  We thought that this long day was over, but when we took the shuttle to our car, first off we couldn't find it.  We had written it down, but for some reason we couldn't find it.  Once we did find it our car battery was dead.  It was midnight and our car battery was dead.  We just wanted to get home!  Since it was so late it took us a little while to track someone down.  We talked to a shuttle and they called a maintenance guy.  It took a little while for them to get the cords to reach since there were other cars all around us.  Poor Rose, i was holding her and was also holding the hood up and when they started it the car alarm went off.  I think it scared us all.  She was crying and I tried to walk away from it as fast as I could.  Finally we made it home.

Overall it was a great trip.  There were a few times where I would ask myself "what have we done" because the stress would get to me, but looking back I really don't think it was that bad.   The trip was mostly for Jeremy's interview.  He actually got an email from Valdosta right when he was finishing up his interview asking if he was still interested to contact them.  I think it through us for a loop and we had a lot of think about since he had offers from both groups.  Obviously from my last post we decided to move back home.  I'm pretty excited about it!  We still don't know exactly when we'll be there, but i'm hoping by the first of September.  

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