Thursday, December 3, 2015


Earlier today i got the itch to do some flowers.  I thought maybe i would drive over to my mom and dads and pick a few things, but then as i was ready to walk out the door I realized that i had left my purse in the car last night when we went to the grocery store, which had my keys locked inside.  Also locked in was the stroller and carrier.  Since I was stuck I went ahead and put Rose down for her nap and looked to my yard for some things.  I found the white camellias tucked away on the side of the house, a few branches/bushes still had some fall foliage on it, and a few snips of foxtail fern.  I could see across the street that our neighbors yard, which no one lives there, had some beautiful hot pink/red camellias so I clipped some of those :).  The other day when I was out for a walk i had seen a few things (mostly someones kumquat bush hanging over in an alley), but since i didn't have any way to take Rose with me (all locked in the car) I couldn't go.  I thought about just holding her, but i knew my arms would regret that.  Then i remembered we had a small umbrella stroller!  So I loaded her up and we were on our way (with a mission).  I found a few berries and the kumquats.  Although the people with the kumquat bush were out in the shed so i felt very sneaky...i also quickly snagged the pink camellia too in their yard (all behind the shed that the guy was in)!  This lady was calling out some name at me, thinking i was someone else, but I wasn't and we talked for a minute.  She told me to watch out, she saw that monkey that was on the loose in town in her backyard! 

It had been overcast all day, which made the house dark and hard to take some pictures, but when the sun came out during that golden hour when it shines right in all our windows and the rooms have a nice glow, I was able to get some decent pictures.

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