Tuesday, November 1, 2011

World Series Parade

As im sure most you know by now (or those that follow baseball) that the Cardinals won the World Series.  Over the weekend they had a few things going on for them.  Friday night was the game.  We didn't go to it but we watched it on TV and we were close enough to the stadium to see the fireworks at the end.  Saturday we walked down to the stadium to see the aftermath of the game.  Still a ton of people and it seemed like anyone that had a wedding going on that that was the place to take pictures.  We saw at least 3 different wedding parties taking pictures.  Jeremy got a hat.  Sunday they had something going on at the stadium again but we didn't go to that.  They also had a parade for them. We walked down to the parade since it was just a few blocks over.  It seemed like everyone in St. Louis was there.

Thats Albert Pujols in the truck

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