Friday, November 4, 2011

Ditty of the Day

While I have been working on my wreath  I've been jamming out to the Cat Stevens station on Pandora and this song has popped up several times.  I just like it and it sticks with me through out the day. 

Today is Jeremy's last day of work for 2 weeks.  We were going to go to Thailand for his sisters wedding, but they've had some terrible flooding and the trip has been canceled (postponed).  He still has the time off though so I'm looking forward to having him around.  Ziva will be gone for a month though.  Since we were planning on being gone for 2 weeks we thought we would board her at this place that trains dogs and everything for 4 weeks.  It ended up being cheaper than boarding her for 2 weeks at the other place we've used before.  I'm kinda looking forward to a break from her.  While i love my little pup, she sure does have some sassafras (or sass in her...).  If you tell her to sit, she first has to let out a big sigh or a bark, then slowly park it. She probably just wants to go out and play in this cool weather. 

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