Friday, May 4, 2012

forest park and tornado scare

last saturday we headed back to forest park to walk some of the trails

i spy...

watched a rugby game for awhile

found this nest on the ground
a few minutes later i found the egg buried in the grass

shortly after we got home it got really dark and stormed really bad for about 15 minutes.
It was so bad i could hardly see out the window. 
There was some hail and 50 mph winds and lots of lightening.
After it slowed down we opened the door and heard a ton of sirens.
Later we found out that there was a cardinals baseball game and a huge tent blew
over injuring 100 people and one man died.  They believe he got struck by lightening.

After everything calmed down we decided to head to the mall.
I got some sushi and jeremy got some chinese food. 
We just finished eating and walked into Anthropologie. 
We were probably only in there 3 minutes before we heard people getting really loud
and it sounds like something was hitting the roof.
Jeremy walked out to see what was going on and after he didn't come right back i followed.
Apparently it was more hail hitting the glass sunroof. 
I heard this lady say and make a shape with her hands that the hail
 was this big (maybe bigger that a golf ball).
Then i looked over and saw a flood of people running down the stairs and escalators.
Jeremy told me there had been a tornado spotted not far from the mall.
Great! tornadoes. Only one of the things I'm very much afraid of.
When i was younger and it would be storming bad and heard the word tornado i would
start to gather a few things (my teddy bear being one of them) a pillow and sit in
the bathroom closet, which was under the stairs. 
Nothing ever happened, but i was still scared.
So we made our way down to the food court, which is the lowest level,
and found a table far away from the glass sunroof.
I was starting to get nervous and Jeremy kept telling me my face was all red.
We heard someone yell out to everyone that there was a tornado and for
everyone to make their way to the tunnels.
We were pretty close to them so we quickly (thanks to me. I don't think Jeremy was too worried)
made our way to the tunnels.
They were probably only 4or 5 feet wide and with what felt like a million people crammed in there
my claustrophobia was setting in.
So naturally i felt like hurling.
(sushi, tornado scare and being claustrophobic is not a good mix)
Fifteen minutes passed and nothing happened so they let us out. 

Here we are in the tunnels.  This lady was all up on me.
And jeremy was trying to comfort me.

What a day!

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