Friday, May 11, 2012

Johnson's Shut ins State Park

Jeremy took yesterday and today off from work.  This morning we got up early and had breakfast at Rooster, came back and picked up Ziva and headed out to Johnson's Shut Ins State Park. 

Ziva has only ever really gotten her feet wet at the park the past few weeks
so she was a little skittish and just all over the place.

jeremy caught me falling in this video

check out that face!

probably would have been easier to take the leash off, but dogs are supposed to be leashed (we later took it off while on the trail) and since she had never been in water and other people and a dog around we decided it might be a disaster to take it off.

later i ended up slipping and falling.  I busted one of my knees and will probably have a mean bruise later.

...the above and below pictures are through my sunglasses...

We walked along some of the trails.  When we were getting towards the end i was starting to get a little antsy with the bugs buzzing around my face, tons of butterflies (yes i am slightly afraid of butterflies...they are pretty and i don't mind them unless they try and land on me...they have scary little bodies) and a small snake that i almost stepped on.  We stopped for a minute and i noticed ziva had a bug on her back.  I went to get it off and jeremy said it was a tick.  I didn't really think much of it until jeremy was checking himself and told me to do the same.  I started freaking out some.  We immediately found one on him.  Later he asked if he had one on his neck and he did.  I panicked. He had more on his shirt.  I started to get grossed out and wanted out of there!  We hurried up and left.  I kept touching my neck and feeling all over for them and felt like i had bugs crawling all over me.  I may or may not have started crying a little ;). We got off the trail and found a few more on jeremy.  I had what i thought was one on my leg.  I freaked and just started slapping and kicking around.  I don't think it was a tick though (but was feeling slightly embarrassed)  We got back to the truck and searched each other for ticks.  Jeremy seemed to have them all.  I didn't find any on me.  Ziva had some (and still might).  It must have been somewhere only the two of them walked.  Anyway we finally got on the road picked up some food.  After we pulled out of a gas station we noticed a police car coming up behind us.  It was for us. We pulled over and got a ticket for running a stop sign neither one of us saw.  Oh well.  When we got home we did another search for ticks and brushed Ziva and gave her some flea/tick medicine.  Poor girl.  She probably doesn't feel very loved.  When we got home we put her on the balcony for awhile and we aren't letting her up on any furniture.  Hopefully we won't find anymore ticks on anyone.  Anyway it was a pretty fun day for the most part!


  1. oh my gosh! This looks so fun! I love hiking and spending time in nature. I made a 45 minute hike into a 2 hour ordeal because I kept frolicking around the trees and climbing up random boulders when I was in GA. So much fun! Your puppy is so cute!

    Love and Whimsy

  2. lovely pictures! your dog is beautiful!!!!


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