Tuesday, September 11, 2012


today is one of those days you just don't forget.  i still remember it like it was last week.  i was in the 7th grade and i didn't know about it till my last class of the day, history.  my teacher started talking about some tragedy that i thought, and i think a few others thought too, happened years ago.  it took me awhile to realize that it happened just earlier that day.  how could it?  i didn't think stuff like that could still be going on.  as my teacher went on i still couldn't believe it.  since it was the end of the day everyone in school had already heard about it.  it seemed much quieter walking in the halls.  i remember it was raining because i was wearing tights and they got wet getting into our car...i guess wet tights were annoying.  it wasn't till i got home and saw it on our tv just how awful and devastating it was.  my brothers wife (then girlfriend) was living in NY at the time.  it was her birthday.  i remember he was very worried about her.  even though it's been 11 years i still remember some of the news clips and pictures taken.  so many lives lost.  so many changed.  our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost a loved one on this day.

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