Saturday, September 22, 2012

a few embarrassing things that has happened recently

Mostly just 2 major things that Jeremy has made fun of me lately...i thought they were pretty funny too so i thought i would share.

  1. i wake up picking Jeremys nose.  i'm not sure how or why, but he was awake and after a couple of seconds i woke up too eyes wide open and quickly removed finger from nose.
  2. the other week we went into this nice store just browsing.  I came across this really cool standing mirror that has 2 doors that fold over it like a cabinet.  I call Jeremy over too look at it.  It is $4,000! It's not leaning against the wall or anything, just standing up balanced.  As he reaches for it it starts to fall backwards... in my head i think "be careful it's just balanced...don't knock it's $4,000!!!" but all that came out was me breathing really load and fast...almost hyperventilating.  I was speechless and while i was breathing i remember thinking "WHY CAN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING!"  Jeremy catches it (which i think it was strapped in and couldn't fall anyway, but i didn't know that) and we walk away quickly laughing and i'm crying from laughing and embarrassed and Jeremy keeps making fun of me.  I don't know....maybe you had to be there. 
  3. last saturday i had to work late to help tear down a wedding.  It was almost midnight and i was driving back to the studio.  I wasn't entirely sure how to get back so i was using my GPS.  After awhile i knew where i was and knew how to get back.  I was stopped at a red light and it was dead quiet.  I forgot the GPS was on. The woman spoke and it freaked me out and i jumped in my seat.  My heart was pounding so fast.  Then 2 minutes later she did it again.  I got scared again.  It's pretty bad when she scares you twice back to back. 
  4. Oh...earlier that day i was dressed up nice to help with the wedding and thought i was done for the day.  I come home change into my pj's and eat dinner.  I get a phone call asking if i can help tear down the wedding.  Sure.  For some reason i thought since the wedding would be over i could just throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and my jacket.  The wedding party will be gone or leaving while i'm there.  Well i get there and the party is still going on.  I'm told that i can go ahead and go in and start taking things down...the party is almost done and will be leaving soon.  Dang it!  I don't want to walk in there looking like a homeless person.  Or looking like i'm crashing the party.  I learned my lesson. 
  5. Another voice scaring story...i must be a jumpy person.  I was jogging the other day listening to the 80's radio station on Pandora.  Ziva is running next to me.  Song starts...a little music...MICHAEL JACKSONS BREATHY SCREAM NOISES! in my left ear....i jump/jog/turn around really fast thinking that someone was right behind me.  no one.  just the person coming towards me looking at me funny. 
There's probably other funny/embarrassing stories but i just can't think of any now. 

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