Thursday, January 31, 2013

this week

Most of our stuff is moved in and we're still getting settled.  Earlier in the week we had a couple warm days.  There's a field down the street from the house and we were told we could get on a trail but we couldn't find it, so we walked around the neighborhood instead.  I knew it was going to get cooler so i decided to pull some weeds.  It rained for a while and Ziva was miserable inside.  One night i chased her around the yard in the rain trying to get her inside.  She thought i was playing (i wasn't).  I bought some fabric for some kitchen curtains. This afternoon there was quite a snowstorm. I bought a chair for the living room.  I'm hoping to find some more furniture to fill up that room.  We put all our living room furniture in the basement.  It's been fun watching movies in the basement.  It's kinda like our own theater.  Popcorn and all!  Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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