Thursday, February 28, 2013

playing in and shoveling snow

I think Ziva can sense that it's snowing before she even leaves the bedroom in the mornings.  Sometimes i can hear her whine and let out a huge sigh.  She can't seem to sit still or sleep in.  Yep, it's snowing.  Last week when it snowed i could hardly get her inside.  It snowed all day! Her favorite kind of day.  There was not a spot in the yard that didn't have footprints in it.

throwing snowballs

eyeballing a squirrel for like 10 minutes. 

lone wolf

i must say that Ziva has been such a good pup since moving here.  probably much happier.  there have been no accidents inside (uh, that i know of) and she hasn't chewed on anything.  not that she did those things in the other place, but you know moving to a new place and all.  the only thing shes done is dig a few massive holes and eat a dead baby squirrel.  maybe 2.  it was gross.  Oh and track muddy paws through out the house.

last week when it snowed all day Jeremy was working late.  i looked outside and saw our neighbors shoveling their driveways.  i thought man i would shovel the driveway for Jeremy but we don't have a shovel.  i paced back and forth in the kitchen and noticed our dustpan.  Yea! that will work.  Well it was much harder than i thought.  leaning over was hurting my back and the snow was heavy.  i decided to just do it where the tires would go.  i wasn't even half way done when Jeremy pulled up.  since our driveway is up a slight hill he said if i hadn't done the top part he wasn't sure he'd be able to make it.  so the next day i decided i would finish the rest and do the whole thing.  me and my dustpan.  after awhile one of my neighbors walked over and asked if i wanted to her shovel.  yes!  probably thought i was crazy out there with a dustpan.  i finished doing Jeremys side when he pulled up.  he then came and did my side.  being from south Georgia i never thought i'd be shoveling snow.  (in the picture above it doesn't look like a lot of snow but that was at the top by the garage door)

And while i'm talking about Ziva playing is a video i took of her a couple weeks ago.
  this actually happens pretty often.

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