Friday, May 17, 2013

Last week...

Last week my parents came to visit. So far every time they come we've been able to do different things with them each time.  There's always a trip to the Botanical Gardens though...probably always will be.  It was the first time we've had anyone over in our new house.  It turns out that my grandma stayed not to far away from our house back in the 40's when she was stationed here as a nurse.  My mom has a photo album with all these pictures of my grandma and her friends doing things around St. Louis.  I remember i looked at it several years ago, but never thought too much about the location and all the places she went.  I never thought i'd be living in the same place she did so many years ago.  She's got pictures of her in Forest Park, the zoo, and Meramec Caverns (which i've been to all 3 in the past week or so).  My mom said next time she comes she's going to bring the photo album and try and find out more about the house/area she lived in. 

I didn't get many pictures of our outings this trip, but here's a few things we did...

Monday we went to an antique mall.
I got this pillow and chair. Our living room is now complete.

Usual trip to the Botanical Gardens. 
My parents have only been in the fall.
Afterwards my parents bought me a bunch of plants for my birthday :)

Planting all day long...this is the before (i'll post after pictures later)
And a cook out.

Meramec Caverns (where my granny went years ago)
and an evening at the movies.

Anheuser Busch beer tour.

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