Wednesday, July 31, 2013

berries, peonies, and backyard flowers

I made these earlier in June.  I think it was the first time i went scavenging for some goods along the trail.  I came home with some of the mini Queen Anne's Lace (i'm not sure if that's what it is exactly, but it looks like it) and the berries.  I actually found some of the berries in my back yard, but they were too high up in the tree to reach or climb too.  I bought the peonies and the rest are from my yard.  I have to say i really like trying to find things from my yard that I can add in to arrangements.  I planted some seeds of different things, but so far only a few things have shown up and the dinner plate dahlias are kinda wilted and brown and more like teacup size.  Although a second one has bloomed and it's looking better.  Fingers crossed it makes it!  Anyway, i'm trying to work with what i've got and it's been pretty rewarding seeing the outcome.  Going out in the back yard trying to figure out what colors will go together, what won't wilt after cutting, and finding new things growing with a new season (like that pokeberry....i've used it a few times since this one and i'm sure i would have used it here had it been blooming since it's in the same color scheme).  There's a neighbor down the street with an apple tree...don't think i haven't wanted to go clip some of the branches.  Jeremy just shakes his head and calls me a klepto.  I did go into my next door neighbors garbage after i saw him trimming his rose bush and throwing away what looked like perfect roses. I thought about it for a couple hours and after it got dark i went to check them out.  Well there was some other trash on top of it and i was afraid i was going to get caught so i didn't linger for too long.  I came back empty handed.  Anyway, enough about my kleptomania problems.

Kitchen table mess


this one was made up from some of the leftovers

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