Tuesday, December 3, 2013

mums the word

Chrysanthemums....i'm not particularly fond of them.  Mostly the little mini mums.  Maybe it's because that's all i could find to work with last year and i was tired of them.  They are on the cheaper side and last a good while, which is a plus!  These mums though were really pretty (and big!).  They kinda made me get over my dislike for them.  At least for now.  When i saw the orange/gold ones i actually got excited!   The purple mums were also really pretty and i couldn't pass them up (i was actually looking for something purple since i hadn't really worked with much purple before).  As far as the garden roses go...who could resist (i never do!).  So orange, purple, and red....i wasn't sure how that was going to turn out.  When i got home i walked around the yard and clipped a few of the maple tree and other branches i could....our trees were already starting to lose it leaves.  

Once again i've probably posted too many flower pictures.  I'm sure two maybe three would be plenty, but i guess since i take so many i feel like i have to share.  I promise you aren't looking at the same picture over and over again.  I mean i guess it is the same just at different angles.  I go through them, write down the ones i like, weed out a few, and then usually add one more before it's all done.  Oh well, it's my blog and i can add as many flower pictures as i like!  ;)

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