Saturday, January 4, 2014

catching up from December

I've got a bunch of pictures i haven't posted yet from last month.  I'm really behind here!  We were gone for the week of Christmas and leading up to that week we were busy finishing up our Christmas shopping and just the hustle and bustle of the season.  The weekend after Thanksgiving we got our Christmas tree and i decorated around the house.  We had a few big snow days and made our first snowman.  I named him Olaf after the snowman from Frozen.  I loved that movie :)

I gave Ziva a bit of Peanut Butter

My indoor snow!  I was cutting up snowflakes one day and while talking to my mom she told me about this marshmallow snow she saw on Pinterest.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  First i tried to thread it with a needle but that was just way too sticky.  Then i started to tie the thread about the mallow.  I only did one knot on the small ones but if a bigger one was underneath it the weight of it pulled it down and sliced the small marshmallow in half.  So you just have to double knot each marshmallow.  Then there was trying to keep them from falling.  I had to double and triple tape some of them.  THEN Ziva found out she liked marshmallows because if they fell in the middle of the night and fell on the couch (most feel behind the couch) she would gobble them up the next morning before i even noticed they fell.  One day i came home and found a paper snowflake on the floor.  I noticed the couch cushions and pillows looked all messed up.  That dog jumped up on the couch and pulled down some of those marshmallows.  

I was doing a little photoshoot with some flowers and i gave her stick to chew on.
When we bought the tree i don't think we really thought much about the size of it and where we would put it. 
We moved it all of the room and moved furniture trying to figure out where to put it.
 It was a little big for our small living room.
We also like to pile on the ornaments :)

snow days!

our first snowman...Ziva broke off part of his hand.  Then after we walked away the first thing she did was take the carrot. 

After i was inside for awhile i looked outside and found Ziva like this, leaning up against her new friend. 

I have a couple more picture to post from December so bare with me!  
Thanks for checking in and i hope you had a Happy New Year!

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