Wednesday, July 23, 2014

summer flowers

This is probably one of the biggest arrangements I've ever done.  I have been looking for big wide cheap vessels for awhile.  Usually they weren't what i wanted or were too expensive for my liking.  I found this silver bowl at a thrift store for maybe $5!  I haven't been able to play with as many flowers as I'd like to this year, but i hope that i can keep it up.  I love creating something different each time and while "the hunt" for flowers can sometimes be frustrating, it's always pretty cool to see what the outcome is with whats around you.  Although, i will say that i would also love to work with several varieties of flowers and be able to pick what i wanted rather than just see if i get lucky with finding something.  I've wanted and considered getting a wholesale license for awhile now.  Possibly trying to starting a business.  It's not really the right time now, with having a baby in a couple months.  Maybe next year?  It seems like a lot of people get started small with doing things for family/friends and word of mouth and i just don't know that many people in St. Louis.  Anyway, maybe that will be one of next years New Years resolutions...getting a wholesale license!  

In this arrangement, i bought the peonies and the mock orange (white flowers),  swiped a few queen annes lace and sweet pea from the side of the road, and the rest is from my yard; roses, foxglove, japanese spirea, and pokeweed.

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