Thursday, July 17, 2014

30 weeks

Well, I've made it to 30 weeks!  For some reason I always think I'm at least 2 weeks ahead of what I really am, so when I tell myself how far I am, I feel like I have forever still!  I don't feel like I'm "in the home stretch" or like its flying by by any means.  Still 10 weeks to go (actually probably more like 9 weeks because i have gestational diabetes, and well it could be even less than that because of a few other things...I'll get into that maybe tomorrow).  I'm feeling pretty good still for the most part.  I posted the last picture so you can see my belly button is's been out for awhile now.  I've gotten to get a few ultrasounds lately and they let me see her in 3D a couple times.  That was kinda cool!  Apparently she has a lot of hair already...lets hope it's on her head and she doesn't come out looking like a monkey!  We've got a name picked out (still not completely decided on the middle name...we're kinda poking around), but we plan on keeping it a secret for the most part.  I need to finish up the baby room.  Someone gave us a ton of baby stuff last weekend.  I just put it in the room and now it looks so cluttered and i feel a little overwhelmed with it all just sitting in there.  Maybe this weekend i can get it a little more organized.  

In other news, Jeremy had a bike accident the other day and has been home from work the past couple days.  He texted me to come pick him up because he had a bad fall.  He's fallen before and usually can ride the rest, so i knew he had to have been in some pain for me to come get him.  When i got there his face and lips looked white and i was afraid he had punctured something.  He had the breath knocked out of him so he could hardly talk still and he said it hurt to talk anyway. He thought he might have had a broken rib so after we got home we decided maybe he should get checked out.  We went to Urgent Care and he got some X-rays.  Nothing was broken, just badly bruised and scraped up.  Thankfully he was wearing his helmet! You should see us both trying to get out of the car or off the couch...we both struggle and grunt really loud.  

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