Saturday, July 30, 2011

I live in the Tinman's house

For the past month i have been looking online and driving around for a new place to live.  We were thinking about finding a house to rent closer to Jeremy's hospital, but we just aren't finding much.  Although, we like the loft that we are currently living in now.  It was just in the winters it was a far drive for Jeremy in all the snow.  Since we haven't really found anything that meets our criteria (cheaper, closer, and a fenced in yard) we are thinking about just staying where we're at now.  We are wanting to get a unit with a balcony.  The girl in charge told us there may be one available in a couple months. 

In the meantime we have been watching the TV show Hoarders and was starting to feel all nasty and had to clean up and declutter!  Our loft doesn't really have much storage space, cabinets or counter space so before we had things stashed away here and there.  When we first moved in we went out looking for an island for the kitchen and some sort of storage thing.  We found this metal work table and tool box thing and ended up getting it since it went with the utility/metal look already in the loft and cheaper than some other things.  This past weekend we ended up getting rid of some furniture and buying some new things.  We got a new TV/media stand and another big metal cabinet.  I've also been wanting a new desk with storage and Jeremy found this work bench that went with the rest of all the metal stuff.  I don't think i would want all this stuff in a house or anywhere else but because it all matches and goes with the place i don't mind so much.  We could really use it again in a garage or basement.  Jeremy was already eyeing my desk while i was setting it up.  I'm still in the process of getting rid of stuff and decluttering.  I've been going around taking notes of where and what i could do to freshen up the place. 

Before the new desk

New desk. 

New media stand and cabinet.

This is a little nook in the hallway.  Added the curtain to cover the rack at the top

Like I said...still a work in progress


  1. Anonymous8/01/2011

    You're doing a great job on your blog...

  2. Your apartment is coming along, for sure! I haven't really seen anything since those initial pics you posted on FB, I love all your vintage touches. And that new desk is awesome! Love the pegboard, too!


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