Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We hit the motherload

A couple years ago my mom was riding her bike home from work and had noticed a big dumpster full of stuff.  When she got home she asked me if i had wanted to go back out with her to check it out.  Now being brought up with a mom that is a picker/dumpster diver or always pulling over to pick something off the side of the road, this came to no surprise to me.  So we jumped in the car and drove over there.  At first glance there were just a bunch of boxes and a few pieces of furniture visible.  We were leaning over trying to see what was in the boxes and trying to dig around.  After we found some really cool things...we got inside the dumpster.

We believe that it must have all belonged to a doctor or dentist that had passed away and someone just threw out a bunch of his stuff.  There were all kinds of things in there.  It looked like he must have traveled a good bit because a lot of the pieces looked like they were from a different country.  After awhile it had started to rain a little and the car was starting to get full.  We went back home unloaded it and the rain had stopped.  We decided to go back and finish looking.  After we had finished and had gotten all that we thought we wanted (there wasn't too much left), went home and looked at everything we had gotten...

The chair is a little wobbly but i think its cool for decoration.
The bench was just plain, but i put the mosaic on it.

The statues arm was broken off but i found it.  I think i like it better without it though.
The other guy is made out of metal.

I have seen these coal bucket things at antique stores before.
The vase has a big chip in the back, but its still usable.

The tray in the back

These are my moms lamps.  She pulled them out of a box and they were in good condition!

This one is mine and it works too!  I made the lamp shade.

2 little birdies.

Those are just a few things we got.  There was also a Jerry Mahoney ventriloquist doll (which gave me nightmares), this Mexican pig/dog statue thing, an accordion from Germany, Matador Bust, a rocking chair, some other vases/planters, plates, a wooden bowl, a teddy bear, a wooden wine rack, mens suit rack, and probably other stuff I'm forgetting.  Me and my mom split some of this up.   We also found this little packet crammed down in one of the vases.  It was wet, but we opened it up carefully and it was the mans boy scout papers from like 1918 or something. 

So anyway, we definitely hit the right dumpster.  I like it when i see something we found in an antique store for some outrageous price and knowing that we got it for free.

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