Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puss in Boots :: Uncle Buck

The other day we went and saw the movie Puss in Boots!  Since I've seen the trailer for it i knew i had to see it!  I used to have a cat named Uncle Buck (i called him Cheese)  He was kinda like my cat.  He was quite the talker though, and that was annoying to some.  Everything about him was kinda loud.  His meow was loud, the floors would creak when he walked, him bathing himself was loud, and you could hear his purr across the room.  He was definitely a sweet kitty and very cuddly.  Such a bed hog.  I was really sad when we moved away and i couldn't take him with us.  But i think it's best we didn't.  It seems like right after and maybe a little bit before we moved he started to look sick.  He was pretty old too. This past summer he pasted away.  I was so sad.  After i got off the phone with my mom i was pretty pitiful.  Poor Jeremy i don't think he knew what to do or say.  So after watching Puss in Boots it made me miss my kitty.  On a lighter note...the movie was really cute! 

Sunbathing....and rockin the Harley Davidson collar



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