Thursday, June 7, 2012

an early birthday present

i am officially cool with my new saltwater sandals

i ordered these sandals on monday and they were suppose to arrive yesterday.  i was a little anxious ordering online without trying them on since i had heard that they run big.  but i did some research and went ahead and ordered them. (yay for youth sizes and a couple $ cheaper!)  yesterday i was waiting all day to get them in the mail and finally at 2pm the UPS guy knocks on our door.  i open the door and he's walking away and points to the magazine on the floor...wait what about my sandals?  i think that maybe there is another truck coming later in the day and by 6:30 no one comes.  i looked up my tracking number and it says that the post man came at 11am and left a notice.  What?!  there was no notice on my door, the mail box or front door to the building.  liars. maybe someone took it down or it blew away.  anyway i was little T.Oed.  how was i suppose to know what post office to go to?  this morning i went to the one down town and luckily it was there.  all is fine, of course...but i wanted to make sure that they fit and if they didn't and i had to return them i wanted to get them in time for our trip to Thailand next saturday and make sure they were broken in nice (im not sure they need it though).  i pranced around the loft for awhile in my new shoes...ziva trying to lick 'em off my feet. 

i finally took down our Christmas lights on our balcony. 

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