Tuesday, August 14, 2012

berries and wildflowers

As i was clipping the berries there were a few people that walked by, some just smiled, one told me to watch out for the poisonous ones, and then i looked up and there was a cop on a horse passing by.  I got nervous so i hide my clipping shears in my armpit and just smiled and said hi.  He did the same (he must not have seen the big cup on berries on the ground).  Then when i was walking around to get to the truck i saw 2 other cops in cars.  I felt like they were after me.


  1. Hi Hilary (that feels so weird to type)... I saw your name in the comment section of Amy Merrick's blog and had to take notice. It's not everyday you happen upon another Hilary (with ONE "L")!

    Gorgeous arrangement of berries, by the way!! I love the loose style of composition. And glad you made it out unscathed! ;-)

    1. Ah, a fellow Hilary with one "L"! I usually only see it with 2.

      Thank you for your kind comment on my arrangement!

      p.s. I totally used to have a pixie haircut like yours...im in the process of growing it out now though.


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