Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ziva in the summer

For the past couple weeks now we have been taking Ziva outside to play in the evenings.  With it being slightly warm in the evenings, rather than scorched, we all can enjoy playing outside for a little while.  Every night at about the same time Ziva will chime in and remind us it's go time.  Sometimes there is another dog that will come out and play for a bit, but usually it's just me, her, Jeremy, and her squeaky ball. She loves her squeaky ball.

We're so alike...but we're not twins (apologies...inside joke with Lindsey)

She also likes to play with the soccer ball. 

Lately people have been asking me how she does in this heat, being a husky and all. Well she wants to go outside and play just as much as any other time, but we try not to do much with her during the hottest part of the day.  Early mornings and evenings are best.  I say she does just fine, just fine indeed

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