Monday, August 20, 2012

life lately according to my iphone

Rainy Saturday morning = Neil Young

Caught!  She is not allowed on the bed.

new album.

Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates. (we won)
My first major league baseball game.
Hotdogs, dippin' dots, and doing the wave!

uhh i thought i was going to get crushed again by the metro doors. Last time the doors closed on me and caught my leg.  This time the doors opened on me and i was stuck waiting for people to get on while my backpack was stuck in the opened door (i barely got my arm-more like whole left side-out of the way).  I couldn't move.  It was kinda scary.  Jeremy said that riding the metro might be the end of me.  They may need to turn up the beep or voice that tells you the doors are opening and closing (if they even have one...we never heard).

in a tunnel seeing the sea lions at the zoo.


  1. Anonymous8/21/2012

    great photos! Fun things you do!

  2. Great photos! Major league games are really fun! I love the music, people & hotdogs!

  3. Anonymous8/23/2012

    Your photos of flowers are phenomenal. It's like you see them differently, but it's still so beautiful. I enjoy them very much.

  4. Ur photos r beautiful♥


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