Thursday, December 27, 2012


Jeremy's mom came for Christmas again this year! Well she left Christmas Eve so we opened a few gifts that afternoon. We had our Christmas breakfast and left over Christmas Eve Eve dinner for lunch.  Jeremy got me a tripod for my camera so we were testing it out and took some family pictures.

On Christmas morning we opened the rest of our gifts.  I talked to my parents for a little bit.  We tried to go see Les Miserables, but it was sold out.  We came back home and skyped with my brother and sister in law.  The rest of the day we pretty much just watched A Christmas Story and Doc Martin.  We took Ziva out to play but it was just too cold to stay out for too long.  She had gotten a new bone the day before though and was pretty busy with that.  Speaking of Ziva...she was looking at the camera in just about every picture we took.  And we took a lot.  I guess she's used to me taking pictures of her...or because it was beeping.   

hope you had a very happy merry christmas!!

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