Thursday, December 13, 2012

kale and garden roses

A few months ago i went into a Whole Foods Market for the first time.  A new Michael's had just opened next to it and i decided to just pop in for a second in Whole Foods to see what they got.  As soon as you walk in they have all their flowers.  I think my mouth literally dropped.  They had the best selection I'd seen around town and i was super excited.  That day they had a bunch of kale and some beautiful garden roses, along with a tone of other stuff.  Well i didn't get anything that day.  They never had either of those again until last week.  So when i did my weekly walk by and saw them i couldn't resist. 

Ziva likes to model with the arrangements.

it's kind of a strange color and blue, but when i picked up the delphinium i was hoping it would've showed up more purple. oh well.

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