Friday, December 7, 2012


i know things have been a little sparse here on the blog lately.  it's not that i've been particularly busy or anything so there's really no excuse. maybe i'll get back in it soon.  there have been a few new things that have happened.  we joined the gym (whaaat?! my arms are a little sore right now...i worked that pull up bar and rowing machine today).  bought a new car.  my old car was just costing too much to fix up so after thanksgiving we went out and got us a new used car.  we really didn't want too (spend the money), but it's just one of those things ya know.  lets see here...i'm still workin' those flowers.  or trying too, anyway.  i've actually done quite a few arrangements that i just haven't posted for you to see yet.  don't want to bombard you.  not to say i wont though ;).  Usually around the same time every week i get the urge.  the urge to make something and set out on the hunt to find the goods.  this week i got that beaut up there.  Iris. they kinda freak me out though.  like some monster alien trying to grab your face as you go in to smell (no they don't have a scent...don't let the tentacles fool you and draw you in).  oh yea we have been looking for a new place.  our lease is up at the end of january and we've been talking about moving closer to jeremys hospital and/or finding a house to rent.  we went out last weekend and looked around.  they were either too expensive, the right price but in an iffy neighborhood (and smelled like cat pee), or too far.  i've made a list of several more houses to go look at so maybe we'll hit the streets again tomorrow.  wish us luck! 

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