Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Erawan Waterfalls

These are the last of my Thailand pictures. After we left the bridge we took a 45 minute van ride to some waterfalls.  We went up some mountains and through the countryside to get there and it was beautiful!  When we got to the waterfalls we decided that we weren't going to go swimming so we didn't change into our bathing suits. As we were making our way up Jeremy's sister, Laurie, was carrying a bag of food.  We saw the sign about the monkeys and just kinda laughed (i forgot she was carrying food) and kept going.  I was excited about seeing monkeys since we couldn't go to the monkey school earlier that day.  A couple minutes later i heard these loud shrills and screams and saw a monkey carrying the food in Laurie's bag up a tree.  They kinda ambushed her!  After we got to one of the waterfalls Jeremy's other sister, Lisa, and Uncle decided to go swimming in their clothes.  I wanted to get in, but i was wearing a white dress.  We walked to the next waterfall (there were seven total) and just as i was building up enough courage to strip down to my skivvies (ok i was wearing a tank top and a slip under my dress...was more than what some other people were wearing.  Lots of speedos) it started to rain and we decided we should probably head back since the paths were getting slippery and the roads could be dangerous riding in the van, plus it was getting late and we still had a 3-4 hour ride back to Bangkok.  

the monkey up in the tree with Laurie's food

checking to see if there was anything else in the bag. 

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