Sunday, July 1, 2012

Koh Kood

The next day we left for Koh Kood for our beach trip.  It was a 5 hour van ride and a 1 hour boat ride to get to the island.  We got a flat tire on the way and was a little worried we would miss the boat ride, but we made it.  The boat was very rocky and i thought i was going to get sick.  I was a little queasy from the van ride so getting on a rocky boat afterwards didn't help.  I tried to keep watching the horizon, but it was hard because one second you'd see nothing but water and the next you'd see only the sky. After the long boat ride we took a short truck ride and then another short boat ride to get to our resort. Finally. (that's a lot of rides)  We were the only people staying on our island.  First thing we did was eat.  They feed you to death there.  Always a ton of food.  After we ate we went to our rooms and me and Jeremy immediately got in our mini pool.  We mostly just hung around exploring the grounds, eating, and we went to see a bunch of fireflies.

The next day we went down on the beach and walked around.  After awhile we headed to a waterfall to go swimming.  Came back and lounged around.  Later in the evening some of us went kayaking (i took pictures with a disposable water camera so i don't have pictures yet).  The next morning we headed back.  The long boat ride wasn't nearly as bad this time.  The beach trip was really beautiful...short, but sweet!

huge staghorn ferns!

getting on the rocky boat

our villas

mine and Jeremy's mini pool and view

outdoor bathroom....any boats passing by could probably see us.

endless amount of seafood

to the waterfall

I decided i wanted to jump off the top too.  I'm not usually so brave...but it's Thailand!
It looks a lot higher once your up there and I started to get nervous!

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