Friday, October 11, 2013

this might be my new favorite

Yep, i believe this is my new favorite arrangement.  I know i've said that before, buuuuut come on, look at this beaut!  I'm looking forward to doing some more fall floral arrangements.  I made a bouquet last week with just a few foliage clippings.  I'll have to post some pictures later.  

When i saw those roses i just couldn't pass them up.  It's hard to tell the color in the pictures, but they aren't quite pink...kinda like an antique pink/tan color? I don't know.  

 I don't think the protea there in the front probably really goes with this fall looking arrangement...looks a little tropical.  I thought about taking it out or putting it more in the back, but oh well. I still like it.  The apples were an after thought...i had snagged them off the ground of a neighbors tree last week and used them in a bouquet.  The little red berries i discovered in my back yard the other week too. 

Ziva was trying to get my attention to play with her...she dropped her ball right down in front of me. 
That little photobomber.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!  I have the weekend off of dance rehearsals, but Jeremy has to work Saturday.  Maybe we'll go for another hike at some point.  I know Ziva would love that! 

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