Tuesday, October 1, 2013

bits and pieces//a mini tour

We've lived in this house for about 8 months now and i still don't have it fully decorated like i would like to have it.  There's nothing on the walls and we still could probably use a few pieces of furniture (small things).  I''m not sure why it's been so hard for me to put stuff up on the walls, but i guess i want to make sure it's something i really like and want before i start making holes.  Anyway here's a few pictures around the house...mostly in the living room, a glance into the kitchen, and a couple other snaps here and there.

upstairs living room
when we moved in we put all our living room furniture downstairs in the basement and didn't have a single thing for this room.  For the first few months it just had 1 chair and the bookcases up.  We hardly ever sat in here because....well someone would have to sit on the floor.  We gradually got another chair and a couch and the space filled up! 

i got both chairs and the lamp at an antique mall.
the chair on the left i got first and it came with some cushions, but they had an awful cigarette smell that i couldn't get out and i was afraid if i washed them they would fall apart.  So we found a bottom cushion and the pillows came with the couch.  The chair on the right it my favorite.  We found that when my parents came in May.

i got so excited when i found this Yellowstone Park pennant flag the other week!  I saw them at Yellowstone when we were eating lunch at Old Faithful and i remember thinking that i kinda wanted one.  Well i didn't get it and just the other month i was saying how i wish i had.  I probably had the goofiest smile on my face when i found it! 

here's a view from the front door...there's a little cut out in the wall that leads into the kitchen.  I had originally planned on hanging some stained glass windows or the windows i already had there, but our drill was broken and we never got around to hanging it.  Sometimes i put my flower arrangements there or in the winter i'll bring in some plants and may put some up there too.  

our bedroom. 
It's pretty sad looking actually.  Not much in it and just a bunch of wall. Our bed just sits on the floor and i really want to get a bed frame.  I also really want to put something behind the bed.  I came across something last week that i thought would be really cool...i just need to order it online. 

i painted the kitchen blue shortly after we moved in and i really like it! 
i made the curtains and put up my small colored glass vases in the window...it's really pretty in the mornings

aaaaaand this is my craft room...i haven't really done much crafting this year, but i'm sure i'll pick it back up.  
it's really just a giant mess in there. 

this shelf looks a little hoarder-ish 

So there's a mini tour of around the house. 
 Maybe someday when i actually have stuff up on the walls i can show you a bit more. 

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  1. thanks for posting these pics of y'alls place, hil! i love so many things about it! particularly your thrifty style and collected finds (that chair you found with your parents is amaaazing!). oh, plus the photo of ziva looking out into the neighborhood. :)
    i totally understand about getting things on the walls... for me, it seems to take about a year to feel settled enough to really make the space feel yours. also, for that pass through you have - i saw this post the other day and really wished i had that type of space to make shelves like this! http://www.vintagerevivals.com/2011/10/hailees-living-room-makeover-reveal.html


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