Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Backyard arrangement and my Granny's photo album

When my parents were in town the other week my mom brought me her moms old photo album from when she was a nurse in World War 2.  She was stationed here in St. Louis for awhile and talks about some of the parks, the zoo, streets and other locations that we go by everyday.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's shortly after I was born so I never really got to know her.  Looking through the photo album makes me feel like I knew her a little bit more and living in the same part of town as she did makes living here a little bit sweeter.  Today's backyard flowers are for me granny, Sula Jenkins.

We know Chippewa Ave.  My granny in the middle

a peculiar moment

The pictures have faded, but I'm pretty sure I know what lagoon she's talking about.

This page was missing pictures, but I love what it says.

They don't have Panda Bears at the Zoo anymore!

We've been to Meramec Caverns a couple of times.

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