Thursday, June 12, 2014

25 weeks

I've hit 25 weeks today!  I turned 25 years old the other day...the night before my birthday i told Jeremy that it was my last day as 24 and being 24 weeks. 
I've officially made it to viability.  So if i were to go into labor the baby would have a 50-80% chance of survival.  It's definitely not ideal, but it does make me feel a little bit better knowing that she's got a chance if anything did happen.  When i was 21 weeks i started getting some bad braxton hicks contractions.  I called up the nurse to see how many was too many.  She said 5 or more to call her back.  So i sat on the couch, drinking my water and counted.  There was about 4 an hour for a couple hours.  I started to get a little panicky.  I know braxton hicks are normal, but this felt too soon...and definitely too soon to go into labor.  They got better through out the rest of the day.  Down to about 1-2 an hour and then less.  I still get them through out the day, but not as many and i try not to worry as much.  (easier said than done for me...I'm a worrier).  Other than the braxton hicks, some occasional back pain, and the pesky acid reflux I've been feeling pretty good.  My belly button is starting to poke out.  Not quite "popped" but if i wear a tight shirt you can see it sticking out.  

We were suppose to go to Colorado this week, but decided maybe we should stay home for a couple different reasons.  I do think it would have been kind of boring/miserable with a 13 hour drive (x2), trying to hike, drink lots of water, bathroom breaks, and not worrying about everything.  It's doable but i think im glad we stayed home.  Maybe next summer we can do a fun trip somewhere...with the little babe! 

I always feel kinda silly posing for pictures that aren't group shots with other people.  I can't come up with fun poses and i usually end up making some stupid face.  Jeremy will take a bunch of pictures and wont tell you when he's snapping so you click through them later and most of them turn out like this...

Or i'll try to come up with a new pose...

I guess it's all just for fun anyway....something to look back on later!  

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